5 Reasons you should you not take-up a Part-Time Job

Everyone things that taking up a part-time job is the best decision for freshers and college students. But there are several disadvantages of part-time jobs as well.

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5 Reasons you should you not take-up a Part-Time Job
5 Reasons you should you not take-up a Part-Time Job

Part-time Jobs are often referred to as the ultimate solution for people who want to work and pursue their other passions or studies at the same time. Majority of people think that working part-time can be a boon and help you follow your dreams and passions while also helping you earn to pay for your daily expenses. But the matter of Part-Time jobs is not really that simple that it can be treated in black and white.

No doubts, the preposition of Part-time jobs looks very lucrative; especially for freshers looking for jobs or college students and even people who are preparing for government exams. But, when it comes to building a long term career, do part time jobs add the same weight to your resume? No, right! Similarly, there are many other short-comings or disadvantages of part-time jobs that are often ignored by job seekers and young professionals. So, let’s find out the 5 key disadvantages of part-time jobs and how can they affect your job and career in long term.

Less Pay

This has to be the biggest reason that youngsters and college students must stay away from part-time jobs. As a rule, most of the companies offer less pay to part-time employees. This means that despite doing the same work and achieving the same performance targets, you will be paid less as compared to the person who is hired full-time. No doubt, the flexibility of working for fewer hours is very good to have when it comes to part-time jobs. But looking at part-time jobs from purely an economic point of view; it doesn’t really look that lucrative. The less pay is something that often disappoints people leading to high attrition rate among the part-time employees.

No Job Security

Companies, especially those which work on the rules of corporate world often have opening for part-time jobs for short-term basis. What this essentially means that that, part-time jobs are often available only for short-term projects in companies and once the project is complete, the employees hired to do the part-time job are often laid-off. This puts a serious question mark upon the job security of employees hired on part-time job roles. Although, doing part-time jobs often help students or young professionals follow their other pursuits, when it comes to long term career progression, job security is often under question. And once you lose your part-time jobs, you have to start looking for another one. Therefore, one of the biggest disadvantages of part-time jobs has to be job security.

No Employee Benefits

Another major challenge when it comes to part-time jobs is that employees hired on short-term projects are often not given any employee benefits. Employee benefits include some essential perks such as health insurance, retirement benefits and others. When full-time employees are often paid all these perks and additional employee benefits for doing the same job; part-time employees are often kept away from this. This makes part-time jobs a very very bad option for employees.

No Job Promotion

One of the biggest motivating factors for a professional is their promotion and appraisal. These two factors play an important role in making sure that you do your job well and are appreciated by the company or organization for it. But, when it comes to part-time jobs, promotions are also not part of the equation. As stated above, part-time jobs are often offered for short-term projects, and even for long term projects, most companies do not define any promotion matrix or appraisal formula. Therefore, without promotion, you career would always be at stand-still and you will not have any motivating factor to push you beyond your comfort-zone do learn new things in order to rise up the corporate ladder.

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Unaccounted Experience

India is a job market that is highly focused upon experienced talent. Anyone looking for a job needs to have some relevant work experience in order to get a good job with decent salary prospects. But, when it comes to part-time work, the HR professionals or interviewers often ignore the part-time job experience. This means that despite working hard to learn all the tricks of the trade and picking up all the necessary skills, when it comes to work-experience; your part-time work experience won’t be accounted for in other job interviews. This is a very serious draw-back of part-time jobs that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored by job seekers who are planning to take up part-time jobs.

Part-time jobs are often described as the perfect option for people who want to earn enough to run their daily life while chasing their dreams or pursuing other pursuits such as studies. While there definitely are several advantages of picking up a part-time job, it does come with its own set of challenges. Some of them have been discussed above to help you make an informed choice about taking up a part-time job after considering them.

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If you feel there are any other disadvantages of part-time jobs that can affect the long-term career prospects of job seekers, please feel free to let us know in the comments sections below. We would surely review them and add them to this list. If you found this article interesting, please give it thumbs up and share it among your friends and fellow job seekers. For interesting articles related to career selection and job search, please visit www.jagranjosh.com/jobs.

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