Going for an Interview? These simple tricks might help you stand out from other job seekers

Going for an Interview? These interview tips will help you win over the interviewer and leave a lasting impression on his or her mind.

Created On: Apr 28, 2017 11:00 IST
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6 best interview tips will help you impress the interviewer
6 best interview tips will help you impress the interviewer

What would have happened if I already knew the questions the interviewer asked? What If the interviewer had asked the questions I prepared for? Do you also think about the above questions after facing the interview? The solution of these brainstorming questions lies into the way of handling pressure, tackling questions, and communicating the reply to an interviewer. And it isn’t so tough that it can't be overcome.

Appearing for an interview can be an intimidating task for a fresher or even for an experienced person who is going for an interview after a very long time. While it is true that interview is one of the most important conversations that you will have in your life, but at the end of the day it is still just a conversation. And just like any other conversation, a few simple interview tips can help you win over the interviewer and leave a lasting impression on him / her.

Below, we have listed down a few simple tips for interview that can help you not only impress the interviewer but also win that elusive job that you have been waiting for quite some time. So, here's what you can do to ensure that your interviewer is impressed!  

Dress Properly

What should I wear for the interview? Will this dress impress the interviewer? These questions agonise and put the millions of the job aspirant into the state of confusion when they go to face a job interview. Without a doubt, your dressing would portray the first impression upon the interview, so it is pivotal to your success. Every interviewer possesses a unique sense of appropriate attire. So, taking a decision of what to wear isn't so difficult that it can't be solved.

One should dress one or two level higher than the designation that he/she is going for. One should wear formal clothes. For men, a collar-less shirt is a complete no-no, whereas for girls something that is graceful yet confidence inspiring is recommended. While looking good is important, being comfortable is also equally important. So, don’t end up compromising on comfort level for style.

If you are still confused, try on a few combinations and see what suits you the best!

Have a Stress Free Conversation

Facing an interviewer or an interview panel can be quite intimidating. But remember, you are here to have a conversation. Once you get this fact in your mind, your stress would slowly start to fissile out. One simple way in which you can make your interview talk stress free is being natural and true to yourself. When you are trying to hard ‘sell yourself’ to the interviewer, you are putting on a show and not being yourself. This is not the right approach. Be honest and practise well for the interview in advance. Predict the types and tone of the questions and prepare for them in advnace, be it subjective, academic, personal or technical. If you are prepared well and have a fair bit of idea about what to say when, the stress will evaporate soon. 

Avoid Blaming Others

Once you get over the introduction questions, the interview moves to more serious questions such as salary and reasons for leaving the last organization or joining the new one. These questions are the ones that will showcase your professional side to the interviewer. So, it is very important that you adopt a balanced approach while answering them, under pressure.

If an interviewer asks you that why did you leave your last organisation or that why have you left so many organisations, you should not blame the organisation, co-workers, seniors, and superiors. If an aspirant blames others, he might be perceived as a person who blames only others and is unable take responsibility of actions and decisions he has taken. Always be positive in your approach to answering such questions, taking responsibility where it matters and constructive reasons like career growth etc.

Highlight Your Skills, Ability & Background

Interview is a strategic discussion, where the interviewer tries to identify a valuable human resource that can help organization move ahead, whereas the interviewee is trying to assess how the new organization and role will help them in career progression. So, in a way it is a symbiotic approach.

But, a job interview is a platform where an employer decides on how your skills, abilities, and background benefit the organisation. So, one should try to highlight his/her skills, ability, and background which are beneficial for the organisation. However, try not to hard sell yourself, as an interviewer will be able to tell when you are genuine and when you are bragging. So be realistic while highlighting your abilities.

Keep your praise & observations credible & realistic

At times, in an attempt to impress the interview, one often indulges into praises. While some times, these praises are showered on their future employer and how great s/he thinks that their new prospective organization is, many a times there is also a lot of self-praise. This is a completely wrong approach. An organization needs people who can speak the truth and are not merely ‘Yes Men’.

Therefore, it is very important for an interviewee to their keep knowledge and information realistic, credible, and relevant. One should try to highlight the attributes that his/her interviewer agrees with. Such an interaction can associate his/her with the interviewer which may become vital for the interview's outcome.

Be Calm and Composed during the discussion

What you speak matters later, but how you do it matters even more! The resume of a candidate may be impressive, he may have good reasoning skills, knowledge, and information but all these qualities aren't sufficient to impress the interviewer. Along with this, you should also possess the art of conversation and the know-how of carrying forward a discussion. At the same time, you should also present yourself as calm and composed professional, who is always in control of things, especially their tongue. The good interview depends upon how one handles the pressure. So, one should be calm and composed while handling the pressure. One should talk in soft and low pitch volume even if the interviewer talks loudly.

To Conclude...

Cracking an interview is very critical but it is certainly not impossible. And these tips for interview will certainly help you impress the interviewer and emerge as a winner among the crowd of people who have lined up for the job.

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