8 fruits that diabetics must avoid for healthy living

Stuck by diabetes due to sedentary lifestyle? Here is a list of 8 fruits that you must be careful about before consuming.

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8 fruits that diabetics must avoid for healthy living
8 fruits that diabetics must avoid for healthy living

Raise your hand if you are stuck by diabetes due to sedentary lifestyle? Is getting a dose of physical exercise has become a challenge for you? Do you find it difficult to choose the perfect fruits that can keep you in good shape?

While you must be bothered with the right type of fruits that can savour your sweet tooth longings, here is a complete list of fruits that you must be wary of. These fruits can cause blood sugar spikes or increase your risk of diabetes complications.

So, before you frown upon the fact that why these fruits are in the list of ‘to-be-avoided’, here is why you must be cautious about their intake.

What is Glycemic Index?

Glycemic index (GI), which is a measure of how your blood sugar may respond to different foods. Certain types of foods have a low glycemic index, meaning that they do not cause sharp spikes in blood glucose levels.

The GI rating of various carbohydrates includes:

  • Low GI (less than 55) – foods that induce a relatively gradual rise in blood sugar

  • Medium GI (55 to 70) – the foods that lead to an average rise in blood sugar

  • High GI (greater than 70) – foods that cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels

Diabetics should keep their carbohydrate intake restricted to the foods that contain low to medium level of GI.

So, here are 8 fruits which you must avoid to stay away from Diabetes due to high level of GI in them:

1. Banana

Although very rich in carbohydrates, but an assailant for the health of a diabetic! Unripe bananas have a GI of about 42. Ripe bananas with brown specks have a GI of around 48 to 51. If you have irresistible taste buds for bananas, be mindful of the ripeness and size of the banana to reduce its effect on your blood sugar level. The best way to savour bananas is with other foods, such as nuts or yogurt. This method will slow down the digestion and absorption of the sugar in blood.

Image source: saynotofoodwaste.org

2. Mango

Be it juices, fruit salad, artificial sweeteners, tea flavours or any other cooling drink, mango is found everywhere. And out of all these eatables, it’s the raw mango fruit which inflict maximum harm to your health. Experts say that Diabetics should avoid mangoes. A diet of a diabetic should be low on carbohydrates. Every 5 grams of carbohydrate increases 100 units of blood sugar in the body. If you already have a high blood sugar, avoid mangoes in your diet.

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3. Strawberries

Strawberry is a gratifying fruit especially when dipped in chocolate. If you have diabetes, be wary of its intake. By eating too many Strawberries, you may be consuming more glucose than your body can handle. Even though strawberries score a 40 on the glycemic index, but consult your doctor before including it in your daily diet.

4. Grapes

Nonetheless grapes are rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients on the flip side it is high on glucose and fructose. As grapes contains large amounts of carbohydrates, they may increase the risk of developing gestational diabetes. But not to disappoint the grapes lovers, Diabetics Associations recommend consumption of green grapes for diabetics. They contain antioxidants that are excellent for diabetics.

5. Dates

If you are keen to find out that “Do dates raise blood sugar levels” the answer would be a big YES! To satisfy your sweet tooth cravings in the winters, dates might not the best fruit to reply upon. The glycemic index of dates varies depending on the type of dates you consume, usually between 35.5 to 49.7. So a limited intake of dates will keep you in good shape. 

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6. Pineapple

Raw pineapple has a GI score of 59. The most prominent feature about this fruit is, it will slowly raise your blood sugar won’t cause rapid spikes. But the long term effect could be detrimental to health. But if you really have an appetite for pineapple, pair it with foods that have a low or medium glycemic index score. However, pineapple is rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as well.

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7. Pumpkin

Pumpkin has a moderately high glycemic index of 75. If you are fond of pumpkin, it is advisable that you must avoid intake of raw pumpkin. A properly cooked pumpkin will have fewer calories, carbohydrates and nutrients to benefit your health. Apart from high GI, pumpkin contains, iron, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus that are good for blood.

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8. Raisins

Out of all the super food, raisins can prove to be deadly for the health of a diabetic. With a high glycemic load of 28, raisins can cause an unhealthy elevation in blood sugar. Moreover, it is for people with type 2 diabetes who must totally stop consuming raisins because enhanced glucose intake will worsen their health condition. Instead of raisins carry nuts in your bag. GI of nuts ranges from 14 for peanuts, to 21 for cashews.

In Summation…

A complete ‘NO’ to intake of fruits is not a good decision! Fruits are rich in fiber and other nutrients. It is recommended that based on the intensity of the diabetes; fine tune your diet to maintain blood sugar levels.

Happy Fruit Time!

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