Avoiding Post-Lunch sleepiness at Office

Do you often feel sleepy after lunch at office? You are not alone. Try these tips to avoid post-lunch sleepiness at office during work hours.

Updated: Nov 30, 2017 11:45 IST
Avoiding Post-Lunch sleepiness at Office
Avoiding Post-Lunch sleepiness at Office

Post-lunch sleep is the biggest enemy of any office goer. Be it a fresher, manager or a CEO, everyone has a day when they feel sleepy after lunch. Feeling sleepy after lunch is quite natural and several biological processes can be blamed for it. But, just because it is natural doesn’t mean it is an acceptable thing to do in office. People or professionals who look lethargic or sleepy post lunch have a very bad image and reputation in office. So, it is advisable to try a few tips and tricks to keep sleep at bay during the post-lunch hours in office. 

Below, we have listed down 7 key things you need to do in order to keep sleep away during the after lunch hours. Following these tips will not only help you keep sleep away but also prove to be a major boost your office health and office life in general. So go ahead, give it a shot and you will not be disappointed.

Sleep Well

This one goes without saying. If you haven’t had enough sleep the previous night, chances are that you will feel sleepy at work, be it before lunch of after it. So, get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night to give your body proper rest and help both body and mind to recover for the ordeal that waits in the office. If you are not able to get proper 8 hours sleep, you will surely feel fatigued or distracted at work and it will surely hamper your productivity at work. Therefore, a good night’s sleep is very pivotal to avoid sleepiness in office during work hours.

Avoid Processed Sugars

Ask any health expert and they will tell you that processed sugars are very bad for the health of any working professional. This is especially true, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and end up spending majority of time on a desk with your head buried behind a computer screen. The problem of processed sugar is even more challenging for office goers who feel sleepy post lunch, coz to avoid sleep you often pick up a cup-of-coffee or a tea or an energy drink. It contains loads of processed sugars.

While sugary drinks may provide an instant energy boost but it also wears of quickly. The moment its effects wear down you will start feeling tired, fatigued and eventually sleepy. If you have  a sweet-tooth and need a sugar rush as part of your post-lunch routine,  try natural sweetness through fruits and other natural products. They will definitely help you keep sleep at bay during post-lunch hours.

Have a Balanced Lunch

Just like a car engine, even your body behaves differently depending upon what you put inside it. If you put high-octane petrol or high performance fuel in your car it would give you better performance. Similarly, if take a proper and balanced lunch, chances are that sleep won’t bother your during the afternoon hours at work.

So, always make sure that your lunch contains lot of iron, protein and complex carbohydrates; all these three components play a very important role in keeping your energy levels high during the post-lunch office hours. Iron helps the boy to produce haemoglobin – a component that carries oxygen through the body and helps in maintaining energy levels. Carbohydrates on the other hand act as fuel and aids in keeping the body active.

Avoid Over-eating

Continuing with the theme of balanced lunch; avoiding over eating is also equally important as having a balanced diet in order to avoid sleep during post-lunch hours at office. Digestion is a very complex body process and takes a lot of energy. Therefore, overeating can drain your body of the energy making you feel tired and fatigued and eventually sleepy.

So, instead of having one heavy meal or lunch, it is wise to limit the size of your lunch while munching through light snacks throughout the day. Regular snacks will keep you full of energy and help you avoid sleep while providing the necessary energy to get through the day at work. So, avoiding over-eating at office lunch hour is a wise way of keeping sleep at bay.

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Take a post-lunch walk

If post-lunch sleepiness is a regular affair for you, you can try adopting a more active life-style in office. For instance, instead of straight away heading for your desk after lunch, it would be wise to for a post-lunch walk. Heath experts and dieticians have advised that office goers must go for a brisk walk after 15 minutes of having their lunch.

A brisk walk around the office building or down a few floors through stairs can help you kick-off the metabolism and digestion process easily. If walks don’t really interest you can also adopt any other light exercises such as push-ups or jumping jacks of anything that you like. You can end the walk or exercise routine with a few deep-breathing exercises to boost oxygen level in your body.  This routine will aid in the digestion process and keep you full of energy while keeping sleep at bay during the post lunch office hours.

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Go for a power-nap

Power-nap has been the new buzzword in the corporate world, especially among the multi-national corporations who have employees working in different shifts and time-zones. If you are lucky to work in any such offices or in general if your office allows the facility of power nap, do try it out. Many researchers have indicated that power-naps help take the edge off the working folks and prove the necessary rest to the brain to work more efficiently. But, if you do go for a power-nap, make sure that you set an alarm so that you don’t end up sleeping beyond the time.

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Drink Lot of Water

Since our school days, we have been told that our body is 80% water. Therefore, in order to function properly it requires lot of water and if not, dehydration can show it’s symptoms in different forms such as sleepiness. If all of your body organs do not get enough water during office hours, chances are that you will feel fatigued and tired. Also, water plays a very important role in the entire digestion process and therefore it is a must to avoid post-lunch sleepiness. Sleepiness is a sign of dehydration so if you don't drink enough after lunchtime your fatigue may seem worse.

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To sum up…

Feeling sleepy during the post-lunch hours is a natural and biological phenomenon for most working professionals. But with a focused approach and some efforts it can be overcome easily. Therefore, if you also regularly feel sleepy during the post-lunch hours in office, you must give any of the aforementioned tips a try and see if they help keep sleep at bay.

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