BOB Manipal PO (PGDBF) Exam 2017- General Awareness (Related to Banking Industry) Quiz-3

There will be 50 question of General Awareness in BOB Manipal PO Exam.  General awareness section helps you to score more in the exam.


Created On: May 22, 2017 16:35 IST

BOB Manipal PO: GK Quiz  The Bank of Baroda Manipal PO (PGDBF) exam is scheduled to be held on 27th May. Here the banking team of   jagranjosh is providing quiz on latest Banking news.  Aspirants are advised to go through the below quiz and strengthen their preparation.


  1.   1. Which of the following is the designated enforcement agency for the money laundering cases in the country?

 a)      Security and Fraud Investigation office (SFIO)

 b)      Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI)

 c)       Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

 d)      Enforcement Directorate (ED)

 e)      None of these

 Option: d)




2. The system of banking under which a bank places its funds in risk – free assests with maturity period matching its liability maturity profile, is calle

a)      Narrow Banking

b)      Universal Banking

c)       Merchant Banking

d)      On-shore Banking

e)      None of these

Option: a)


3. Which of the following is NOT included in the RBI’s approach to financial inclusion?


a)      Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

b)      Easier Credit Facility

c)       Simpler KYC norms

d)      Expansion of telecommunication services

e)      Electronic benefit transfer

Option: d)


4. Who among the following is present chief executive officer and managing director of Bank of Baroda?

a)      P.S. Jayakumar

b)      Rana Kappor

c)       S. S. Mudra

d)      T. M. Bhasin

e)      None of these

Option: a)


5. The Ways and Means Advances are temporary overdrafts by the RBI facilitated to which of the following?

a)      Central Govt.

b)      State Govt.

c)       Public Sector Banks

d)      All of the above

e)      Both 1and 2

Option: e)


6. Which of the following is NOT an instrument of Money Market, a market regulated by the RBI?

a)      Certificate of Deposit

b)      Commercial paper

c)       Treasury Bills

d)      Call money

e)      None of these

Option: e)


7. Name the Japan's men-only island that was recommended by UNESCO for World Heritage status.

a)      Hashima Island

b)      Sakhalin Island

c)       Tashirojima Island

d)      Okinoshima Island

e)      None of these

Option: d)


8. Which of the following banks has been put under watchlist under Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) due to high bad loans?

a)      Corporation Ban

b)       Bank of Baroda 

c)        IDBI Bank

d)      Indian Bank

e)      State Bank of India

Option: c)


9. Which Metro Rail Corporation became the first in India to employ transgenders in their workforce?

a)      Lucknow Metro

b)      Delhi Metro

c)       Kochi Metro

d)      Bengaluru Metro

e)      Kolkata Metro

Option: c)

10.  Who of the following was recently honoured with the Dada Saheb Phalke Award?

a)      Kasinadhuni Viswanath

b)      Kamalakara Kameswara Rao

c)       Gundamma Katha

d)      Aiswarya Rai

e)       None of the above

Option: a)

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BOB Manipal PO (PGDBF) Exam 2017- General Awareness (Related to Banking Industry) Quiz-2