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Multimedia designing is an up-coming career option that not only offers great salary but also complete job satisfaction. Watch this video to find out how you can become a Multimedia professional.

Career as a Multimedia Designer
Career as a Multimedia Designer

If you believe that a picture is worth a thousand words then a career in Multimedia designing might be the ideal choice for you. Multimedia designing has come up as a lucrative career option for students and job seekers who are driven by creativity and passion to convey messages through Multimedia illustrations.

The general understanding is that Multimedia designers are magicians who can make the wrinkles go away from a face of a model or make you look slim in a photograph. But this is a very narrow description of an otherwise vast and dynamic field. To help us understand all the unexplored facets of Multimedia designing we have with us Mr Pradeep Rawat creative head at Jagran New Media. He will share with us the secrets of building a lucrative career in the field of Multimedia design. 

What does a career as a Multimedia designer entail?

Multimedia design is a vast domain, but, as you rightly said, the general understanding of the field is quite limited. Apart from making creative graphics, designers today are also involved in the development of user-friendly interface for websites and mobile applications to help audiences navigate through loads of information on a website. Similarly, they are also closely involved in the development of branding tools such as logos, posters and to an extent even video content. So, the field is quite dynamic when it comes to work and one can pick and choose the sub-domain as per their skills and passion.

What are the key skills required to be a Multimedia Designer?

The one word answer to your question would be ‘Creativity’. A Multimedia designer needs to be super creative and should have the knack to transform ideas and thoughts into Multimedia based illustrations. Secondly, they also need to be tech-savvy, as in today’s digital world, almost everything is designed through software. Therefore, one must not only have in-depth knowledge and understanding of designing software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, CorelDRAW; but must also know how to use the tools given in a creative fashion.

What are main roles and responsibilities of a Multimedia Designer?

As discussed above, a Multimedia designer is entrusted with the responsibility to make creative designs and intuitive interfaces that along with being appealing must also be simple enough for the audience to understand. Therefore, the roles and responsibilities of a Multimedia designer would range from core tasks such as ideation of the design to actual execution as well as finer details such as picking the right colours, images, text style, and layout.

What are the job prospects for a Multimedia Designer?

In today’s digital world the job prospects for a Multimedia designer has multiplied manifolds. Today, be it creating a college poster or designing a custom wedding card, creating a website or a mobile app; Multimedia designers are needed everywhere. Therefore, the job prospects for a Multimedia designer are endless today.

How much can one earn as a Multimedia Designer?

A fresher just starting out in the field of Multimedia design can expect a basic salary of Rs 18000 to Rs 20000 per month. But, again this being a creative field, many young Multimedia designers who are great at their job also command a hefty pay cheque of around Rs 5 to 6 lakhs per annum. If you are part of an organization at a senior level, you can easily earn anywhere between Rs 10 to Rs 12 lakhs per annum.

Thank you, Mr Rawat, for sharing such insightful details about career in Multimedia design with us.

So, there you have it folks; everything that you need to know and understand before picking career in Multimedia designing. We hope that this video will help you make the right career choice. For more such interesting videos related to career advice, please visit

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