Career in Construction Management

MBA in Construction Management can be defined as the overall planning and coordinated progress of a project from its inception to its completion. Read the article to know what it holds for you.

Jun 17, 2014 16:45 IST

Construction Management:

In plain simple terms Construction Management can be defined as the overall planning and coordinated progress of a project from its inception to its completion. It is therefore also termed as Construction Project Management.
It basically comes into picture to provide a feasible and comprehensive project task completion by managers to their clients on the task or project.

MBA-Construction Management:

Now a days, since these projects, plans and infrastructural works have flourished in the Indian sectors at various segments so it has also become a part and partial of the course curriculum wherein it is taken as an independent stream of choice in certain Management Institutes and Universities in order to facilitate and avail the market with such budding professionals.

Skill sets required in this field:

  • Ability to handle public safety and security
  • Ability to judge and decide the feasibility and viability of a project report prior to it’s actualization.
  • The professional must know deeply about time management which is once again a very essential aspect.
  • He/she should be good at Quality Management issues and Human resource procurement as well.
  • The professional must be an excellent decision maker because at the end of the day it’s the decision making that makes the project a success or a failure.

Career Prospects:

The line of construction management is very lucid with great opportunities to earn on both hands fruitfully. The various career prospects in this field can be:

1) Project Manager
2) Project Executive
3) Project Coordinator
4) Design Manager
5) Area Superintendent
6) Lead Estimator
7) Project Head
8) Project Estimator
9) Chief Estimator
10) Construction Contractor

Basic Eligibility:

To get admission in the Post graduate level i.e MBA in Construction Management a candidate must be holding a bachelor’s degree. Besides he/she must have appeared in the national level exams like: CAT, MAT, XAT or ATMA.

Temples for Studying MBA-Construction Management:

Some of the top colleges providing the course of MBA/PGDM in Construction Management are as follows:

  • Brahmanand Institute of Research Technology and Management, Gurgaon.
  • Centre For Environmental Planning and Technology University, Ahmedabad.
  • Global Institute of Construction Management and Research, New Delhi.
  • Karunya School Of Management, Coimbatore.
  • National Institute Of Technology, Calicut.
  • Indraprastha University School Of Management Studies, New Delhi.
  • National Institute Of Construction Management and Research, Mumbai.
  • Fostima Business School, New Delhi.
  • Era Business School, New Delhi.

Placements and Pay-offs:

The placements and pay packages both are excellent. The newly appointed Project Managers may get initial packages of upto 6-7 lakhs per annum. And it also depends upon the size, feasibility and viability of the project.

To Sum Up:

The career option in MBA-Construction Management is an excellent one which fetches handsome jobs with handsome salaries and the overall growth is always accelerated.

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