CAT 2018 Response Sheet Released; Answer Key Expected Next Week

CAT 2018 Response Sheet has been released by IIM Calcutta. The Response sheet only contains the answers marked by the candidates in the CAT 2018 exam. It doesn’t contain the right answers to the CAT 2018 exam paper. CAT 2018 answer key is expected to be out by next week.

Created On: Nov 30, 2018 15:36 IST
CAT 2018 Response Sheet
CAT 2018 Response Sheet

CAT 2018 Answer Key Update: IIM Calcutta has released the CAT 2018 Response Sheet. The CAT 2018 Response Sheet is only available to the candidates who have appeared for the CAT and can be downloaded by logging into the CAT 2018 exam portal. The Response Sheet made available by IIM Calcutta is in PDF format and includes the following details Candidates’ registration number, Student name,, Test centre name and time slot. Additionally, it also contains the question paper, ID, status and the option chosen by the student in the actual examination.

Key Highlights

  • CAT 2018 Response sheet only contains the marked by a candidate in the exam
  • CAT 2018 Response sheet doesn’t contain the correct answers to the questions
  • CAT 2018 Answer Key is expected to be released by the next week

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How to use CAT 2018 Response Sheet?

IIM Calcutta is the first exam conducting IIM to release a detailed CAT 2018 Response sheet for the MBA entrance exam. Using the CAT 2018 Response Sheet, candidates will be able to tally and cross-verify the answers had marked in the actual examination against the soon to be released CAT 2018 answer key. Last year, IIM Calcutta had only released the CAT exam answer key. Using the CAT 2018 Response Sheet and the CAT 2018 answer key, candidates will be able to calculate the raw scores for CAT 2018 and plan the future course of action with regards to MBA admissions, accordingly.

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis – Overview

This year, CAT 2018 exam was dubbed to be of moderate to difficult by the test-takers. Section-wise analysis of CAT 2018 exam suggested that VARC section was easier and more or less on the similar lines as previous years. Contrary to that, the Quant section was the toughest that candidates have faced in last 3 years. DILR was tricky but of average or moderate difficulty level. In terms of question mix, the exam contained 63 MCQ questions and 27 Non-MCQ questions. As per the expert analysis, the CAT 2018 cut-offs are expected to fall this year for admission to top MBA colleges in India.

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