CBSE Class 10 English Exam 2018: Paper Analysis and Review

CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam was conducted today. Here you may know the students' and teachers' feedback about the paper. We will aslo discuss about the question paper format and the type of questions asked in the CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam 2018.

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CBSE Class 10 English Exam 2018
CBSE Class 10 English Exam 2018

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has conducted class 10 English exam today, i.e., 12 March, 2018. Students who have opted English Communicative (101) or English Language & Literature (184) as one of their subjects appeared for the board exam of the respective subject. In both the exams the duration of the paper was 3 hours and the total marks were 80.

Feedback from students and teachers about the question Paper:

Difficulty level of the question paper: Easy

Easier than the last year’s paper

All the questions in the paper were asked from the syllabus

No questions were repeated from previous years’ papers

Most time consuming sections were Section B and Section C

Average marks expected by students: 70 Marks

CBSE Class 10 English (Language and Literature) Board Question Paper 2018

Format of the CBSE Class 10 English board paper 2018:

In CBSE Class 10 English (Communicative) and English (Language and Literature) question papers there were three sections:

Section A


20 marks

Section B

Writing and Grammar

30 marks

Section C


30 marks

In section A (Reading section), there were two passages and questions based on these passages were asked.

In section B (Writing and Grammar), questions were based on story writing, letter writing and rearrangement of jumble words (or phrases) to form sentences.

In section C (Literature), questions based on stories and poems given in textbooks were asked.

There were 11 questions (with internal choices) in the paper.  There was no overall choice in the question paper.

Total Marks: 80 Marks

Maximum Time: 3 Hours

The students were given 15 minutes of extra time to go through the question paper before writing the answers.

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Comparison with the previous years’ question paper pattern:

Similar to the previous years, this year also the paper composed of three sections consisting of a total of 11 questions. However, the allotment of marks to the three sections was different than the previous years as mentioned below:


Marks in Previous Years

Marks in Year 2018













Type of questions asked in different sections was also same as that in the previous years’ question papers.

Comparison with the latest CBSE sample paper:

The question paper pattern followed in both CBSE Class 10 English (Communicative) and  English (Language and literature) Exams was exactly similar to the latest CBSE sample papers released for both divisions of class 10 English. Distribution of questions among different sections to allotment of marks, all were same as described in the CBSE Class 10 English sample papers 2018.

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