CBSE Class 10 English Solved Model Paper (Set - 2)

Find CBSE Class 10 English Solved Model Paper (Set: 2). Get the idea that what types of Questions had been asked in the CBSE Class 10 Board Exam English Solved Model Paper.

The experts at Team Jagran Josh have framed the Model Test Paper for English subject which strictly follows the Board pattern of CBSE Class 10 for the year 2016. The Model Test Paper is extremely beneficial for the Class 10 Students appearing for their respective examinations in 2016.

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A few Questions from this Model Test Paper are given below:

Q. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the correct options.

School used to be all about writing, whether it was the exercise books we wrote or the notes we passed round, or the lines we stayed in to do. But not any more. Now it's all about typing. My six year old daughter is part of the first generation that is truly computer literate and I really didn't want her learning copperplate writing. I could see that spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation were important, but handwriting? By the time she's in university, handwriting may not be as relevant as needlepoint. So when my daughter came home last year with cursive handwriting homework, I was nonplussed. Cursive was originally developed to make it easier for children to write with a quill. By joining up the letters, they kept the quill on the parchment and minimized ink blots. But my daughter writes with a laptop. I explained as much to her teacher at the next parents' day. But her teacher explained something to me. Research suggests that the process of writing information down on paper, by hand, has a more direct effect on the formation of memories in the learning process than typing. Taking notes in class is still the most effective way to learn. It's a better way to store the skills for written language in a child's brain than pressing keys. There's nothing old-fashioned about handwriting. Handwriting is where it's at.

(a) According to the narrator his daughter is                                  .

(i) computer literate

(ii) illiterate

(iii) copperplate writer

(iv) handwriting expert

(b)                         was developed to make writing with a quill easier.

(i) Typing

(ii) Grammar

(iii) Cursive writing

(iv) Note making

(c) 'Nonplussed' means                             .

(i) sad

(ii) puzzled

(iii) crying

(iv) see

(d) Writing information down on paper is                       typing in the learning process.

(i) inferior to

(ii) same as

(iii) superior to

(iv) not as effective as

(e) Writing by hand is                         .

(i) old-fashioned

(ii) not old-fashioned

(iii) of the future

(iv) not used today


(a) (i) Computer literate

(b) (iii) Cursive writing

(c) (ii) Puzzled

(d) (iii) Superior to

(e) (ii) Not old fashioned

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