CBSE Class 12 Physics: Set Of 2 Marks Questions- Final Revision! CBSE Term 2 Physics Exam 2022

CBSE Class 12 Physics Term 2- exam would be conducted on 20th May 2022 as per the CBSE date sheet. Check the 2 marks questions in Physics that would be helpful for the students of Class 12th CBSE Board. 

CBSE Class 12 Physics- Term 2 Important 2 Marks Questions
CBSE Class 12 Physics- Term 2 Important 2 Marks Questions

CBSE Term 2 Exams 2022 are now being conducted from April 26, 2022.  The physics exam for class 12th is to be conducted on May 20th, 2022. Students who would appear in the Class 12 Physics exam must go through the syllabus of the subjects they are to appear in and check the sample papers released by the Board. However, just the sample paper solving would not be enough, so Jagran Josh has come up with a set of 2, 3 and 4 marks questions in various subjects for the help of students. 

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Check below important 2 marks questions for the upcoming Physics Term 2 exams. The questions would help you get an idea of what the CBSE Term 2 Physics paper would be like. 

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CBSE Term 2: Why solving 2 marks questions is important?

Solving 2 mark questions effectively in the exam would help the students score better marks. These questions would not require much writing and would generally be small numerical based questions. These questions would add to the score of the students quickly and would not require much time. 

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CBSE Class 12 Physics Term 2: Important 2 Marks Questions

1. Write any four properties of EM waves

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2. Give one use of each of the following

  1. Infrared rays. 
  2. Gamma rays. 
  3. Microwaves. 
  4. UV radiations.

3. Draw a diagram showing the propagation of EM waves along the x-direction, indicating clearly the directions of electric and magnetic fields associated with it.

4. Find the wavelength of em waves of frequency 4x 109 Hz in free space. Give its two applications.

5. Identify the part of em spectrum to which frequency 10 20 Hz belong. Give its one use.

6. Let the wavelengths of em waves used for 

  1. killing germs in household water purifiers 
  2. remote sensing and 
  3. treatment of cancer is labelled as λ1,λ2 and λ3.

Identify the waves and arrange them in increasing order of wavelength.

Hint - λ1=uv rays,λ2=microwaves,λ3=gamma rays, λ3,λ1,λ2

7. Give two reasons to explain why a reflecting telescope is preferred over a refracting telescope.

8. Calculate the speed of light in a medium whose critical angle is 45°. Does the critical angle for a given pair of media depend on the wavelength of incident light? Give a reason for your answer.

9. How does the fringe width, in young’s double-slit experiment, change when the distance of separation between the slits and screen is doubled?

Hint- Doubled, Fringe width α D

10. Two slits are made 1mm apart and the screen is placed away. What should be the width of each slit to obtain 10 maxima of the double-slit pattern within the central maximum of the single slit pattern?

Hint- As per question, width of central maxima of single slit pattern = width of 10 maxima of double slit pattern


a=0.2d , 0.2×10−3=0.2×10−3m=0.2mm


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