CDS Exam 2016: English Preparation tips

We will provide you important tips on ‘How to prepare English for the CDS Exam’ which will help you to crack this Exam.

Created On: Feb 2, 2016 12:02 IST

1.First and foremost know the format of the English paper. By understanding the importance of topics and its weightage in the exam will help you to divide the time and set the priorities.

2.Brush up your English grammar.  By paying attention to the grammatical mistakes will help you to form the correct sentence because a single mistake can turn your answer into negative marks.

3.Do not panic if you could not join the coaching centre due to lack of time or other reasons by practicing  and hard work you can crack this section.

4.Though reading is a good routine to build vocabulary but at the last minute, it will not help you much. Start looking for words in mock test papers or check online as various websites are available to help you.

5.The other important part of English is reading comprehension which helps you to score well in this subject. For the descriptive part, work on writing skills by writing shorts notes on the day to day topics for developing your skills of sentence formation and proper usage of grammar. Start reading and working on difficult passages.

6.Solving all the questions is not difficult but solving with time duration is difficult so start practicing previous year papers but do not start from scratch as it will make you confused and rub-off your positive energy.



• Rule 1: The following words are uncountable and are normally used in the singular form only. The indefinite article “A” or “AN” should not be used with them. They have no plural forms.’A/AN’ not used before them.

Ex:  Luggage/ Baggage/ Breakage/ Advice/ Furniture/Information/ Scenery/ Poetry/ Work/ Soap/Food/ Bread/ Fish/ Paper/Machinery etc.

The sceneries of Kashmir is very beautiful. (Wrong)

The scenery of Kashmir is very beautiful. (Right)

• Rule 2: The words such as “News/ Math/ Ethics/ Politics/ Phonetics/ Economics/ Statistics/ Measles/ Mumps/ Rickets/ Billiards/ Innings” look like plural nouns but give singular meaning. So they take singular forms of verbs.

•Billiards are an interesting game.(Wrong)

•Billiards is an interesting game. (Right)

• Rule 3: Some Nouns have the same form whether singular or plural.

 Ex: Sheep/ Deer/ Service/ Series/ Species/Fish/ Apparatus

•A series of lectures are to delivered tomorrow. (Wrong)

•A series of lectures is to be delivered tomorrow. (Right)

•Rule 4: The following nouns are always used in the plural forms only.

 Cattle/people/ police/poultry/scissors/ spectacles/ binoculars/ crackers/swine/gentry/clergy. All these are used with plural forms of verbs.

•The police is coming towards us now.(wrong)

•The police are coming towards us now.(right)

•Rule 5: Add ‘S’ to the main word in compound noun to make it plural.
 Sister in law, brother in law etc.

•Rule 6: The possessive case of a compound noun is formed by adding “S” to the last word.
 Father in law, Father –in-law’s property.

•Rule 7: After the phrases one of/ some of/ each of/ either of/ neither of/ any of/ none of, a plural form of a noun is used.
 Each of the boys is (not each of the boys are)

•Rule 8
: Nouns indicating numerals should be used in singular forms” A dozen eggs/ Two dozen oranges.” But say Hundreds of eggs/ Houses / A hundred rupees etc.

•Rule 9:  After collective nouns either a singular or plural form verb is used.

•Rule 10
:  An “Apostrophe” and “s” should be used with living beings only to show possession.

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