CDS Exam I 2016: How to prepare in last 20 days is providing you the last minute tips for remaining 20 days, which will help you to crack the CDS Exam I 2016.

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Aspirants who are pursuing graduation and appearing for CDS will have to make proper and separate time-table for the preparation as far who have completed their graduation they can prepare well as the only focus is CDS. When the time is running out and few days are left for the toughest competition feeling under stress, anxious about the results and consequences are the normal things for any Aspirant. By this time, students must have covered their syllabus in detail so this is the time to practice and solve the Mock test papers, previous year’s papers and taking out your school NCERT from the pile of books which will be helping hand for guiding the basic knowledge of each subject.

CDS Exam I 2016: Tips for Examination hall

Points to be remember for last 20 days:-
1.Don’t waste time:  Now only a few days are left so stop partying around and hanging out. Don’t start the subjects from scratch now as you will be end up wasting time only. Revision from your NCERT books and notes is important of what u have studied so far.

2.CDS books:  preparing from CDS exam books will give you an idea about the questions asked in the paper. Books can be purchased in which sample papers are given, or from your coaching institutes.

3.Easy Subjects first:  Setting priorities will not only keep your mind focused but will also help you in the examination hall. So start revising those subjects in which you have a good hold which will give you the satisfaction of clearing sections.

4.Personal notes: personal notes are always helping you like a good friend. It makes easy to understand the concepts, English grammar rules or mathematics formulae will benefit you even in the last minute.

5.Tips & tricks: Making tricks solve specifically Mathematics problems will save time. As some problem does not need pen& paper always to get the solution.  Students should know the tables, square roots, cube roots to do the calculations quickly which will make you excel in speed too. Wasting time on multiplications, additions is not a good idea instead make your mind sharp to calculate all these things.

6.Tracking your progress:  Only practicing sample papers will not help. Analyzing each paper solved by you gives the picture of the topics where you are lacking. weak topics which show good weightage in the examination must be practiced either from books or from your mentors.

7.Break up time: Making a daily time table and revising is a good thing but do no forget to keep time for recreational activities. Only studies and no play will make you dull. Set time targets for each subject.

8.Being healthy:  Waking up early in the morning, exercising daily and making as a routine keeps your concentration power strong. According to the experts sleeping 8 hours keeps your body active and fit. Depriving of sleep may result in stress and sickness. Eating fruits, taking juices  and eating in a small amount after every 2 -3 hours makes body  light and you will not feel sluggish.

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