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CMAT Logical Reasoning Practice Questions Set-2

Dec 9, 2015 15:47 IST

    CMAT Logical Reasoning Practice questions Set-2: This practice set has 10 questions with their answers and Explanatory answers covering topics from the areas of Logical Reasoning.

    Directions (1 -4): Study the following information and answer the questions given below:

    Eight persons (1-8) work for three different companies namely A, B and C. Not more than three persons work for a company. There are two ladies in the group with different specializations and do not work for the same company. Among the others two have specialization each in HR, Finance and Marketing. One is an engineer and another is a doctor. Person 8 is an HR specialist and works with 2 who is a Marketing specialist not for company B. 3 is an engineer and his sister works in company C. 4 is a HR specialist working in company A while her friend 7 is a finance specialist for company C. No two similarly specialized people work together. Marketing specialist 6 works for company B and his friend 1, a Finance expert works for company A in which only two specialists work. No lady is a Marketing Specialist or a Doctor.

    1. Which among the following person is not a male?

    a) 2

    b) 4

    c) 6

    d) 8

    2. Who among the following is a doctor?

    a) 3

    b) 4

    c) 5

    d) 6

    3. Which of the following combination is true?

    a) 3 works in C as an Engineer

    b) 3 works in B as an Engineer

    c) 5 works in A as a doctor

    d) 8 works in A as a HR

    4. Which among the following pair is marketing professionals?

    a) 2 and 6

    b) 2 and 4

    c) 3 and 5

    d) 6 and 3

    5. Town P is towards which direction of Town T?

    I. Town T is towards South of Town K which is towards West of Town P.

    II. Town R is towards South of town V and towards East of town T.

    Directions for question: Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

    U + V means U is the brother of V,

    W – X means W is the father of S,

    X ÷ Y means X is the sister of Y,

    Y × Z means Z is the mother of Y.

    6. Which of the following means that A is the mother of B?

    a) L + M ÷ A × B

    b) L – M B ÷ P

    c) A ÷ M × L ÷ B

    d) M + L ÷ B × A

    7. Which of the following can be inferred? (An inference is something which is not directly stated but can be inferred from the given facts.)

    a) Economic activity will continue to strengthen on the back of a gradual implementation of reforms that foster domestic and foreign investment.

    b) Shorter monsoon season is the major reason for downgrading India’s GDP.

    c) Other rating agencies also downgrade India’s GDP.

    d) Downgrading raised concerns over ‘policy stagnation’ and how it was the biggest risk to country’s macroeconomic growth. 

    8. A cab driver starts from metro station, and drives 3 km towards north, takes a left turn and drives for 6 km. He then takes a left turn and drives for 10 km before taking a left turn again and driving for 6 km. The driver finally takes a left turn and drives 2 km before stopping. How far and towards which direction should he drive to reach the metro station again?

    a) 5 Km towards north

    b) 7 Km towards south

    c) 3 km towards east

    d) 6 km towards north

    Directions (9 - 10): In each of the following questions there are three statements, which are followed by three or four conclusions. Choose the conclusions which logically follow from the given statements.

    9. Statements: All pencils are sharpeners. No sharpener is eraser. Some books are pencils.


    I. Some erasers are pencils.

    II. Some erasers are books.

    III. Some sharpeners are books.

    IV. No eraser is book.

    a) Only either II or III, and IV follow

    b) Only either II or IV, and III follow

    c) Only either II or IV, and I follow

    d) Only either II or IV follows.

    10. Statements: Some pigeons are eagles. All eagles are sparrows. Some sparrows are not pigeons.


    I. Some sparrows are pigeons.

    II. All pigeons are sparrows.

    III. All eagles are pigeons.

    a) Only I follows

    b) Only II follows

    c) Only III follows

    d) Both I and III follows

    Answer Key:

    1. (b), 2. (c), 3. (b), 4. (a), 5. (a), 6. (d), 7. (a), 8. (a), 9. (b), 10. (a)


    Explanation 4:
































    In each of the questions below consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Read both the statements and

    Give answer

    a) If the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question.

    b) If the data in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question.

    c) If the data either in statement I alone or in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question.

    d) If the data given in both statements I and II together are not sufficient to answer the question and.

    If the data in both statements I and II together are necessary to answer the question.

    Explanation 5:

    From Statement (I)

    From the diagram it is clear that Town P is towards North – East of Town T.

    From statement II

    Explanation 6:

    M + L ÷ B × A means M is the brother of L and L is the sister of B and A is the mother of O.
    Almost four months after it revised India’s outlook to ‘positive’ from ‘stable’ and set a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth target of 7.5 per cent for 2015, Moody’s revised its GDP growth projection to 7 per cent, citing a ‘drier than average monsoon’. The rating agency though, maintained its growth forecast of 7.5 per cent for the year 2016 and said that India will continue to outperform its peers over the medium-term.

    Explanation 8:

    Explanation 9:

    Explanation 10:

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