CMAT Verbal Ability Practice Questions Set-1

CMAT Verbal Ability Practice Questions Set-1: This practice set has 10 questions with their answers & explanatory answers covering topics from the areas of Verbal Ability.

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CMAT Verbal Ability Practice Questions Set-1: This practice set has 10 questions with their answers & explanatory answers covering topics from the areas of Verbal Ability.

Reading Comprehension (RC) – Passage

Directions (1 - 3): Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

Though the Cold War has ended, selective tactics are still continuing for ensuring the military and economic dominance of developed countries. Various types of technology denial regimes are still being enforced which are now being mainly targeted against developing countries like India. Today, we in India encounter twin problems. On one side there is a large scale strengthening of our neighbors through supply of arms and clandestine support to their nuclear and missile programmes and on the other side all efforts are being made to weaken our indigenous technology growth through control regimes and dumping of low-tech systems, accompanied with high commercial pitch in critical areas. Growth of indigenous technology and self-reliance are the only answer to the problem.

Thus in the environment around India, the number of missiles and nuclear powers are continuously increasing and destructive weapons continue to pile up around us, in spite of arms reduction treaties. To understand the implications of various types of warfare that may affect us, we need to take a quick look at the evolution of war weaponry and the types of warfare. I am highlighting this point for the reason that in less than a century we could see change in the nature of warfare and its effects on society.

The urgent issue we need to address collectively as a nation is, how do we handle the tactics of economic and military dominance in this new form coming from the backdoor? Today technology is the main driver of economic development at the national level. Therefore, we have to develop indigenous technologies to enhance our competitive edge and to generate national wealth in all segments of economy. Therefore, the need of the hour is arm India with technology.

1. Which of the following appropriately refers ‘technology denial regime’ mentioned in the passage?

a) The countries that develop their own technology to deny.

b) A government that doesn’t favor technological development.

c) Technology businesses that want zero government intervention.

d) Access to technology denied by the countries that developed it.

2. According to the author of the passage, how is India’s growth has been targeted by developed countries?

a) By reducing the power of India to wage war.

b) By arming the neighbors with nuclear weapons.

c) By providing low quality technology at higher costs to important sectors.

d) Degenerating India’s wealth by encouraging encroachments.

3. According to the passage, what is India’s need of the hour?

a) Technologically advanced weapons to combat neighbors.

b) Own native technology to boost development.

c) Getting grant of permission to access high end technology from the superpowers.

d) Self reliance alone.

Fill in Blanks (in sentences)

Directions (4 - 5): Each question below has a blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for the blank which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

4. Neither the parties nor the government in power can erase the fact that the RTI Act is one of independent India’s greatest legislative attempts to bring in a measure of ________ and __________ in the functioning of the government.

a) Conspiracy, Accountability

b) Transparency, Accountability

c) Translucency, Liability

d) Transparency, Burden

5. Countries like the US and Russia, ___________ in the Cryogenic technology, refused to share the know-how with India, forcing us to develop it _________________.

a) Adventurer, Organically

b) Speculators, Naturally

c) Pioneers, Indigenously

d) Adventurer, Indigenously

Spotting the Errors

Directions (6 - 7): In each of the following questions there are three parts a, b, and c, among which one part is erroneous. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and mark (d) if no error is found. Ignore punctuation errors.

6. Despite of a good rainfall this year, (a)/ the production of wheat in India (b)/ did not go up (c).

7. A successful woman is (a)/ any that maintains a good balance (b)/ between her professional and personal lives (c).

Vocabulary (Antonyms & Synonyms)

Directions (8 - 10): In each of the following questions, the first word is given in capital letters followed by four other words, one of which is the synonym or antonym of the first word. Find the word.

8. Rigged

a) Supplied

b) Appointed

c) Manipulated

d) Geared

9. Dubious

a) Reluctant

b) Believable

c) Skeptical

d) Problematic

10. Illicit

a) Ethical

b) Illegal

c) Moral

d) Truthful

























1. Technology denial regime refers to the developer of technologies who grants no access to others to eye profit.

2. It has been clearly stated in the second paragraph of the passage that the developed countries are hampering India’s growth by providing low quality technology at higher costs to important sectors.

3. The author is recommending indigenous technology throughout the passage.

6. Remove ‘of’ from the sentence.

7. Replace ‘any that’ by ‘someone who’.

8. ‘Rigged’ means manage or conduct (something) fraudulently so as to gain an advantage and hence ‘manipulated’ is the appropriate synonym.

9. ‘Dubious’ means something not to be relied upon and hence ‘Believable’ is the appropriate antonym.

10. ‘Illicit’ means something forbidden by law, rules, or custom and hence ‘Illegal’ is the appropriate synonym.

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