CTET: Child Developemt Questions-8

Child Development and Pedagogy is an important part of CTET and other such exams. Here, we have given 10 questions for practice.

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CTET: Child Developemt Questions-8
CTET: Child Developemt Questions-8

Question 1 : What is meaning of growth?
(A) Change related to result
(B) Change related to measurement
(C) (1) and (2) both
(D) None of these
1. (B)

Question 2.What should teacher do after teaching the lesson?
(A) He should ask to do question answers of the lesson
(B) He should give them answers of the questions of the lesson
(C)He should leave them if they may write or not
(D)He should test the understanding of the students
2. (D)

Question3. You are a meritorious teacher, but students are not satisfied with your teaching style. How you will teach them?
(A) Will tell about your style first
(B) Will change your style according to students
(C) Will take training again to reform the style
(D) Will make harmony with student’
3. (D)

Question 4.Which of the following factors affects the classroom management?
(A) Behavior of teacher with students
(B) Disciplined and controlled behavior in classroom
(C) General administration and management of school
 (D) All of the above

4. (D)

Question5. Three merits of proficiency test are-
(A) Approval, subjectivity and reliability
(B) Approval, dexterity and objectivity
(C) Subjectivity, dexterity and approval
(D)Approval, reliability and subjectivity

5. (D)
Question6. Which types of person should enter in the field of teaching?
(A) Devoted and laborious persons
(B) General persons
(C) Meritorious persons
(D) Economically weak persons

6. (A)

Question7. Kindergarten method of teaching was developed by:
A. Froebel
B. Rousseau
C. H. Spencer
D. Pestalozzi

7. A

Question 8.Which of the following is the social characteristics of a child?
(A) His play is self centered
(B) He recognizes his mother in the third month
(C) He understands the tone of voice, ie, love or hate
(D) All of the above

8. D

Question 9.Which of the following is an important anger arousing situation during adolescence?
(A) Not getting the needs fulfilled
(B) Biased attitude against them
(C) Unfair and insulting attitude towards them
(D) All of the above

9. (D)

Question 10.Pavlov’s learning is based on the assumption that:
A. Behavior of the living organism is mechanical
B. Correlation between intensity of the stimulus and magnitude of the response is positive
C. Both of (1) and (2)
D. None of these

10. (D)

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