CTET: Child Developement Questions-5

The CBSE has not declared the date of CTET 2017 yet. This means there is sufficient time left for the next exam. In order to utilize this time in a best possible way,we have created a series of questions pertaining to CTET exam.

CTET: Child Developement Questions-5
CTET: Child Developement Questions-5

Q1: Theory of multiple intelligence implies the following except
(a) intelligence is a distinct set of processing operations used by an individual to solve problems.
(b) disciplines should be presented in a number of ways
(c) learning could be assessed through a variety of means
(d) emotional intelligence is not related to IQ

Q2: Smallest unit of meaning in a language is
(a) syntax
(b) morpheme
(c) pragmatics
(d) phoneme

Q3: A child cannot distinguish between 'saw' and 'was', nuclear' and 'unclear'. S/He is suffering from
(a) dyslexia
(b) word jumbling disorder
(c) dyslexemia
(d) dysmorphemia


Q4: A child of 16 years scores 75 in an IQ test; his mental age will be ________ years.
(a) 12
(b) 8
(c) 14
(d) 15

CTET 2016: Sample Paper

Q5: Adolescents may experience
(a) feeling of self-actualization
(b) feeling of satiation about life
(c) anxiety and concern about themselves
(d) feeling of fear about sins committed in childhood.

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Q6: Vygotsky theory implies
(a) child will learn best in the company of children having IQ lesser than his/her own.
(b) collaborative problem solving
(c) individual assignments to each student
(d) after initial explanation, do not support a child in solving difficult questions

Q7: Gifted students are
(a) non-assertive of their needs
(b) independent in their judgements
(c) independent of teachers
(d) introvert in nature

Q8: Assessment for learning takes into account the following except
(a) mistake of students
(b) learning styles of students
(c) strengths of students
(d) needs of students

Q9: Which one of the following is an example of a fine motor skill?
(a) climbing
(b) hopping
(c) running
(d) writing

Q10: Which would be the best theme to start with in a nursery class?
(a) My best friend
(b) My neighbourhood
(c) My school
(d) My family


CTET Child Development & Pedagogy Practice Questions with Explanation


1: (d)

2: (b)

3: (b)

4: (a)

5: (a)

6: (b)

7: (b)

8: (a)

9: (d)

10: (d)

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