CTET: Math's Questions Based On Age

Here, we have given 10 questions for practice for CTET. These questions are meant for Quantitative Aptitude and based on Age.

CTET: Math's Questions Based On Age
CTET: Math's Questions Based On Age

CTET exam is a very easy affair if you approach it through regular practice of maths and reasoning. CTET exam syllabus mentions the Mostly candidates are very much comfortable with the difficulty level of the questions but they are unable to solve the whole question paper accurately in the given time limit. This as a whole increases the competition in the CTET Exam.

Jagranjosh.com is providing a series of articles, which can give you a clear idea about the CTET Exam and the level of competition lies therein.


1. Ten years ago, X was half of Y’s age. If the ratio of their present ages is 3:4, what will be the total of their present ages?

a) 45    
b) 40
c)  35
d) 30

Answer:  C

2. Anil is aged three times more than Sunil.  After 8 years, he would be two and a half times of Sunil's age. After further 8 years, how many times would Anil be of Sunil's age?

a) 7
b) 5
c) 2
d) 3

Answer: C

3. 3. A woman’s age is 125 % of what it was 10 years ago, but  83.33 % of what it will be after  10 years. What is her present age?

a) 70
b) 60
c) 40
d) 50

Answer: d

4. 4. A father is 24 years older than his son. In two years, his age will be twice the age of his son. What is the present age of his son?

a) 23years
b) 22 years
c) 21 years
d) 20 years

Answer: b

5. Present ages of Ravi and Kishan  are in the ratio of 5:4 respectively. Three years hence, the ratio of their ages will become 11:9 respectively. What is Ravi’s present age in years?

a) 28
b) 27
c) 26
d) 24

Answer: d

6. The sum of ages of 5 kids born at the intervals of  3 years each is 50 years. Find out the age of the youngest kid ?

a) 6 years
b) 5 years
c) 4 years
d) 4 years

Answer: C

7. X is two years older than Y who is twice as old as Z. The total of the ages of X, Y and Z is 27
 How old is B?

a) 10
b) 9
c) 8
d) 7

Answer: a

8. The average age of a group of 22 students is 21 years. The average increased by 1 when the teacher's age also included. What is the age of the teacher?

a) 40
b) 42
c) 43
d) 44

Answer: d

9. A father said to his son, "I was as old as you are at the present at the time of your birth". If the father's age is 38 years now, what was the son's age five years back?

a) 22years
b) 17 years
c) 14years
d) 32 years

Answer: c

10.  Divya’s age is 1/6th1/6th of her father's age. Divya’s father's age will be twice Nabbu’s age after 1010 years. If  Nabbu's eight birthdays was celebrated two years before, then what is Divya's present age.

a) 15 year
b) 22 years
c) 38 years    
d) 55 year
Answer: d

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