SSC GK Geography practice questions: Set-3

In this article, you will be facilitated with the questions based on National/International Geography. Let us checked it out-

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ssc gk geography questions
ssc gk geography questions

In this article, you will be facilitated with the questions based on National/International Geography. As, Geography constitutes a bunch of questions in the exam and it is quite difficult to prepare for it. One thing that can be exercised in this context is that one must regular read the fact and then take a wide look every one of these.

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Practice Set

1. Tides in the oceans are caused by:

a. Gravitational pull of the moon on the earth’s surface including sea water

b. Gravitational pull of the sun on the earth’s surface only and not on the sea water

c. Gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on the earth’s surface including the sea water

d. None of these

2. Which of the following is not a cash crop?

a. Jute

b. Paddy

c. Cashewnut

d. Sugarcane

3. During the period of south­west monsoon, Tamil Nadu remains dry because:

a. the winds do not reach this area

b. there are no mountains in this area

c. it lies in the rain shadow area

d. the temperature is too high to let the winds cool down

4. The Girnar Hills are situated in which of the following states?

a. Gujarat

b. Karnataka

c. Madhya Pradesh

d. Maharashtra

5. Broadly, there are three layers of the earth of the crust, the mantle and the core. The crust forms what percentage of the volume of the earth?

a. 0.5%

b. 2.5%

c. 7.5%

d. 12.5%

6. Eskers and Drumlins are features formed by:

a. underground water

b. running water

c. the action of wind

d. glacial action

7. Location of sugar industry in India is shifting from north to south because of:

a. cheap labour

b. expanding regional market

c. cheap and abundant supply of power

d. high yield and high sugar content in sugarcane

8. Through which of the following states does the river Chambal flow?

a. U.P., M.P., Rajasthan

b. M.P., Gujarat, U.P.

c. Rajasthan, M.P., Bihar

d. Gujarat, M.P., U.P.

9. The area covered by forest in India is about:

a. 46%

b. 33%

c. 23%

d. 21%

10. The International Date Line is represented by:

a. 100° Meridian

b. 0° Meridian

c. 180° Meridian

d. 90° Meridian

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11. In May­June each year, the monsoon winds approach the southern tip of India from:

a. Northly direction

b. North­easterly direction

c. North­westerly direction

d. South­westerly direction

12. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

a. Kudremukh Iron Ore

b. Singhbhum Manganese

c. Hazaribagh Silver

d. Khetri Copper

13. Which of the following countries is the largest gold­producing country in the world?

a. Mexico

b. USA

c. South Africa

d. Canada

14. Ursa Minor is

a. the name of a satellite

b. the name of an island

c. a group of stars that form the little dipper in the most northern constellation

d. the name of a disease in USA

15. Which is the shortest route from Moscow to San Francisco?

a. via Canada

b. over land

c. over to South Pole

d. over to North Pole

16. Consider the following statements:

1. Tides are of great help in navigation and fishing.

2. High tide enables big ships to enter or leave the harbour safely.

3. Tide prevents siltation in the harbours.

4. Kandla and Diamond Harbour are tidal ports.

a. 1 and 4

b. 2, 3, and 4

c. 1, 2 and 3

d. 1, 2, 3 and 4

17. If it is 10.00 a.m. I.S.T., then what would be the local time at Shillong on 92°E longitude?

a. 9.38 a.m.

b. 10.38 a.m.

c. 10.22 a.m.

d. 9.22 a.m.

18. Which State of India has maximum percentage of land under forest?

a. Meghalaya

b. Arunachal Pradesh

c. Himachal Pradesh

d. Mizoram

19. Which of the following statements about Kharif and Rabi is not correct?

a. Kharif season begins with the onset of monsoon season and is harvested in late Spring

b. Kharif season begins with the onset of monsoon season and is harvested in Autumn

c. Rabi season begins in Autumn after the rains and harvested in late Spring

d. Important Kharif crops are rice, millets,jute, maize and cotton; important Rabi crops are wheat, gram, barley and linseed

20. During winter, the northern half of India is warmer than areas of similar latitudinal location by 3° to 8° because:

a. India is essentially a tropical country

b. The surface wind blows in a particular direction in one season

c. The Great Himalayas check the penetration of cold polar air into India effectively

d. Of winter rains

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