Group Discussion: India should stop all the trades with Pakistan

India and Pakistan relations have been sour since partition. But trades between the two countries have been going on ever since. Should it be stopped? It`s a very important topic for group discussions in MBA entrance exams also. Read and find all the aspects of the topic.

Created On: Jul 31, 2014 17:25 IST

Right from the time of partition there has always been tough and tense situation between the two nations: India and Pakistan. In some way or the other the two nations have been not in a friendly attribute with one another. It’s not that the civilians or the non-civilians don’t want peace but the internal politics and then a few external agents are there who continuously infuse a certain breed of people to get futile and create chaos.

There have been many such situations when Indian Government tried to bring peace between the two nations. A special bus was started from New Delhi to Lahore in 1999. Before that Samjhauta express was launched in 1977 from Attari in India to Lahore in Pakistan. So things have been tried every now and then to maintain healthy, pure and brotherhood sort of relations between the two nations.

Trade and commerce has also therefore been a continuous process of the communication systems between the two nations. But many people think that this should not happen because Pakistan is not a nation on whom we can rely and believe.

Looking closer to the facts and figures there can be both aspects favoring and opposing the ongoing trades between the two nations.

Favoring the trend of trade between India and Pakistan:

1) Connectivity: Connectivity is very important to heal the wounds caused decades ago.

2) Helping and showing humanity: Merely stopping trade with Pakistan won’t suffice the burning agony rather other things are to be properly placed and worked out. We must also think of the fact that humanity serves prosperity and via trading with them we can help those who are in need and vice-versa.

Now if we say that trade should be stopped between the two nations then that would be justified by the points that follow:

1) Terror fear: Pakistan, as we all know is a nation that creates terrorism and that is a major threat to India and if we still continue to do trade with them then they can get more options and ways out to attack and cause more terrorism here. So we should not trade with them at any cost.

2) Way to protest: India being a peace loving nation can show and propagate it’s way of protesting against the false allegations, claims and terrorism attacks by stopping all means of trade and commerce with Pakistan so that they would understand that life in lack of resources and essential commodities is far more important than creating terror and spreading terrorism.

It’s in vain: On the top of everything, Pakistan always plans conspiracy, back stabs us and attacks us in all possible ways that it can, so doing trade and helping them out to create peace and prosperity all goes in vain so it’s better that we cease doing such activities.

Situation and the scenario with Pakistan has always been very tensed and serious and every time conclusion comes out to be a fight or war between the two nations resulting in the loss of lives of thousands of soldiers on either sides. So, doing trade or stopping trade either ways are not much of a help to calm down the situation. But then if we stop trade with Pakistan and isolate them for a temporary time being it might be possible that they understand the subtle importance of life and not creating havoc.

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