Guess paper for CBSE Class 12 History 2013

Find CBSE Board 2013 Class XII Guess Paper. This CBSE Class 12 History Guess Paper 2013 will help you to score maximum marks in CBSE class 12 History question paper 2013

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CBSE History Guess Paper 2013, given here.

1.Mention any two strategies that were used to increase agricultural production from the 6th century BCE.      

2.Name the two sacrifices performed by the Kings during the Vedic times.

3.State any two problems faced by AlBiruni in writing an account of India.

4.Mention two main functions of the Village Panchayats in the 16th and 17th centuries in India.

5.What was the attitude of the Indian National Congress towards the Second World War?                 


Answer any three of the following questions

6.“The Begums of Bhopal played a significant role in preserving the remains of Stupa at Sanchi.” Support this statement with suitable evidence.          

7.Describe the growth of temple architecture in the early Indian period.

8.State the factors that helped Magadha emerge as the most powerful Mahajanpada in the 6th century BCE.      

9.Explain the factors that should be kept in mind by the historian while handling textual traditions.

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