How a Twitter account can help you to land in a job

LinkedIn and other job tools would hit your mind whenever you would have planned for job search. Here is how a twitter account, too can be helpful for job search.

How a Twitter account can help you to land in a job
How a Twitter account can help you to land in a job

With the growing craze of social and professional tolls amongst masses, social media sites like Twitter has become an indispensible part of our daily life. People from different verticals, starting from students to politicians are seen tweeting on various issues. They try to influence others while utilising the key features of this micro-blogging site. Twitter has a lot of attractive features that help the users to connect effectively with the rest of the society. But does this social media site can be of any help to those people who are in search of job? Genuinely, a good number of twitter users don’t know about that. In this article, we have demystified the key features of Twitter and explained how you can use that as job search tools.

Be specific with the use

Writing political quotes or views in the profile section and regularly tweeting about political development may sound cool if you’re using your Twitter account to build your social image. But, it will not help you if you’re a working professional in private company and look for job and career growth. Because the words you write on a Twitter are enough for a recruiter to build an opinion about you. It is your first introduction to a recruiter who has never met you. So, be specific with why you’re using your own Twitter account and create your profile according to that. It would help to catch the attention of recruiters.  

Showcase your Professional Profile

Building a Twitter profile that doesn’t give enough information about the industry and the company where you’re currently working is useless, especially when you’re looking for a job. Because it will not help the recruiters to know about your professional profile when they look for the candidates suitable for the job offer they have. On the other hand, a Twitter profile can help recruiters to take a concrete decision about you, providing information about your job profile, company and industry. So, give all the important information about your company, industry, and work profile while creating your Twitter profile. It would help you to catch the attention of potential recruiters and schedule the pre-selection screening process of the company.

Hit at follow button

After creating a Twitter account, you begin to follow the number of people, excepting the top recruiters, influencing personalities of the industry in which you’re currently working.  And you lose the opportunity to land a job when there is any job offer. This kind of selection can obstruct your career growth. So, be careful with whom you are following on Twitter. For it, you can use search bar which will help you to find the companies, recruiters, hiring agencies and industry influencers.  Once you begin to follow them, twitter notification on your smartphone whenever they update their Twitter account. It would help you to schedule a pre - selection process when they post any job offer on their Twitter account.        

Use search bar

Once you create your Twitter account, you will become able to use its in-built search bar to know about the job openings. You will receive Tweets regarding open positions and area of job after typing your desired location for job and seniority level. Apart from it, there is also a job search engine, like that allows the job seekers to search job with keywords like location and industry.  Once you get to know the job opportunity, you become able to grab it. In this way, the search bar and the job search engine can help you to grab a job at your desired location.


There are many key features that Twitter offers to its ordinary users. Features such as, in-built search bar, profile and other can help a job seeker to land a job if he is friendly with them. In this article, we explained how you can use Twitter as a job search tool.     

If you feel we have missed out on any other important thing that can help the job seekers to land a job, please share them in the comment selection below. To help your family members, friends, and relatives for job search, you can also share this article with them. To continue reading such articles, please subscribe to our newsletter. We would gladly send interesting articles related to job search and job hunt directly to your inbox.

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