How professionals can increase their productivity at work?

Worrying about your poor performance at work? Here, we have suggested about some simple tricks that can help you to increase your productivity at work.

Created On: Oct 13, 2017 14:46 IST
How professionals can increase their productivity at work?
How professionals can increase their productivity at work?

In the corporate world, achievement is the only measurement scale with which the performance of anemployee is measured and judged. You’re considered and praised as a performer when you achieve your targets. But, when you fail to achieve your targets you have to struggle even to keepyour job safe. With aggressive targets and increasing work pressure, being productive at work has become a challenge for many professionals. Despite all the hard work put in by you, even you might find achieving your targets as a daunting task. But, what if there was a secret that would help you complete all your office work and be the best employee of your organization.

Below, we shall discuss some practical and effective productivity hacks that you can implement at your workplace in order to increase your productivity. To know how you can increase your productivity and achieve your targets, please continue reading as we have suggested some simple tricks that can help you to increase your productivity at work.

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Assess your performance

Am I an efficient professional? What mistakes do I often make? What mistakes can obstruct my career-growth? What skills do I need to learn about? If these questions haven’t ever bothered you then you can fail to improve your performance. In corporate world, the career growth depends on the performance of a professional. A working professional begin to improve his/her performance after self-assessment. Self-assessmenthelps one to figure out their mistakes and improve productivity and work performance. It can help you to figure out your weaknesses and strengths and work on them to improve your overall performance. So, identify your mistakes and begineliminating them. It’ll help you to improve and increase your productivity and performance.  

Rest Well

After toiling hard throughout the day in your office, your mind and body are completely broken and need rest. If you are unable to give them proper rest then it can hamper your productivity at work the next day. So, if you have the habit to pick-up your laptop the moment you finish your dinner or start checking your notification as soon as you hit the bed, stop doing it. Once you start using your laptop or mobile phone, it will further stress out eyes and mind, not giving you the proper rest that you need. Your body and mind won't allow you to work if you don't take rest properly. It can reduce your productivity. So, take rest properly to increase productivity at work.    

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Forget personal problems at work

There is a reason that experts and counsellors tell you to keep your personal and professional lives separate and that is to avoid taking the stress and burden from one to another. If you take your personal problems to work and get worried about them, in all likelihood you will not be able to focus upon the tasks that you have to complete in the office. It will keep your mind occupied with your personal problems throughout the day. And a mind which is already occupied with problems will not allow you to work on the tasks, projects, or assignments efficiently. So, forget your personal problems and try to focus on the challenges and problems you’re facing at work when you join your duties. It’ll help you to increase your productivity at work.

Use time-saving hacks

You enthusiastically begin to work on a particular task lined for the day. But, you fail to complete the work on the day you start working on the work. To complete the task, you take additional time next day. It can lead to a pile of pending works. To complete the assigned works, you can use some time saving hacks which will enableyou to complete the time consuming tasks within a short span of the time. It’ll help you to complete works assigned for a day, a month or a year. For instance, if you have to compile a report, start using shortcut and formulas given in the excel programme, they will help you complete the task on time, without wasting any of your time.

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Set a deadline for works

In the corporate world, you are expected to complete the assigned tasks, projects, or assignments within the deadline. To complete the assigned tasks within the deadline, they divide a major task into micro-ones and routinely work on micro-one.In the course of completing the assigned works, they respect the deadline and complete their works lined up for the day. This is how a professional achieve his/her targets. Suppose it’s middle of the month and you’re habitually delaying worksfor next day. It can lead to a pile of pending tasks, and assignments. And you can’t complete all the works assigned for a month within just a single day. It can even decrease your productivity. So, set a deadline for the assigned works. It’ll help you to complete all the assigned tasks within the deadline.  


There are many ways for a professional to improve and increase the productivity and work performance. Self assessment, keeping personal problems at bay, setting deadline for work, and using time saving hacks can be helpful in increasing the productivity of a professional. In this article, we have suggested tricks that can increase productivity of a professional.

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