How to Develop a Growth Mindset and Achieve Higher Grades

'Fixed mindset' puts the focus entirely on the goals and not on learning itself, freaking the students out.

Created On: Sep 7, 2017 15:14 IST
How to Develop a Growth Mindset and Achieve Higher Grades
How to Develop a Growth Mindset and Achieve Higher Grades

A lot of times while studying our mind gets crowded with thoughts like: 'I am not that smart' or 'this is too hard', 'I want to give up', 'I don’t get this at all and I can’t improve'. This kind of 'fixed mindset' puts the focus entirely on the goals and not on learning itself, freaking the students out. This is how it works: If a student thinks they have a natural talent for something, they keep doing it repeatedly and refrain from trying new things. Alternatively, if they believe they lack talent for something, they find a way to turn it into reality.

Acknowledge and embrace your imperfections

You don't have to be absolutely perfect at everything that you do. Know that you will make mistakes and that it's completely alright to do so. Once you acknowledge this fact, things will become easy and you will be more at peace mentally. You will not waste time thinking about the time you did something wrong and will actually focus on what lies ahead. This will automatically make you more efficient at everything.

View challenges as opportunities

You must learn how to fail well if you want to get anything substantial out not succeeding at something. If you want to enhance your growth mindset, it is important to relish opportunities for growth. For example, when you fail at some test,  you get a chance to reflect upon things like your learning pattern and what works best for you when it comes to preparing for an exam. One failure is not the end of the road so you should not give it more importance than it deserves.

Don't seek approval

The biggest inventors in the world would not have managed to do what they did if they cared about public opinion. People called them insane for even considering the possibility of any such thing. However, as they say, everything is impossible until it's done. These people kept hustling and proved to the world that their ideas are valid. There is no way you can make everyone around you happy with the things that you do. There will always be someone who will be dissatisfied. You must keep this in mind and quit doing what you like or want to do because someone in the class thinks your idea is stupid.

Value process over result

Hindu scripture Gita teaches us not to attach importance to results at all. While it is not possible to do that in entirety, you should try and value the learning process because that is what will stay with you for the longer time. An A+ in Maths test is useless if you don't remember anything 5 years down the line. Similarly, even if you do not score well in a certain exam and decide to learn from your mistake, it will prove to be beneficial.

Value constructive criticism

Growth without criticism is honestly not possible. With failures come criticisms as well but how you deal with them is what determines your future. If you don't pay any attention, you deny yourself a chance to improve and if you dwell upon them too much, your scope of improvement reduces considerably. So it is important to pay attention to criticism, learn your lesson and let it go. This will only help you in the long run .

Cultivate grit

According to psychology, it's not actually hard work which determines success but the abilityy to survive hardships which comes in one's way. With substantial practice, you can perform an art or learn a formula but grit and persistence are things which come from within and are almost as important as knowledge. It helps you develop a growth mindset because you refuse to give up and hence gain something out of every experience.

Learn from others' mistake

Don't wait to make a mistake yourself to learn a lesson from it. While it is not advisable to compare yourself to others as everyone grows on a different pace, but it will do you good to know that human beings share similar weaknesses so if you keep a close watch on others and what they do, you will be able to extract valuable life lessons.

Change goals on accomplishment

Just because a semester is over, it doesn't mean you will stop taking interest in the subject. There is one thing  common between everyone who has growth in their minds, and it is the fact that they keep shifting their goals every once in a while so that their development does not halt.

These are a few tips you can learn and follow to turn your mindset into a growth mindset and emerge as an achiever irrespective of how much you score and when.

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