How to Find Jobs for Nursery School Teacher?

Nursery school teacher or, preschool teacher is the one who takes care of young children between the ages 3-4 years. This teacher takes care of the nutritional and overall development of the children.

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You will find numerous sources telling you about How to Find Jobs for Nursery School Teacher but do not fall in trap of fake sources as they can misguide you towards your goal. Nursery school teacher or, preschool teacher is the one who takes care of young children between the ages 3-4 years. This teacher takes care of the nutritional and overall development of the children. You must know how to find Jobs for Nursery School Teacher through the well known sources.

This role demands a lot of attention towards children and counseling of parents. You are supposed to be the guiding light for the children and parents both. You are the sole responsible person for maintaining good record and progress report of every child. You must clarify every doubt related to How to Find Jobs for Nursery School Teacher so that there is no failure in pursuing so.

Should I become Nursery School Teacher?

Before taking up this career, you must ask yourself that whether you are capable of taking up such a demanding role or not. You must aware yourself with day to day routine of a teacher which at times, sounds very tiring and hectic. Some significant characteristics that you must possess:

•    This job is very laborious which means that at times, if you have to work for some stretched hours then, you are supposed to act positive towards it.

•    100% dedication towards your job responsibilities because you will be acting as the only bridge between the children and their future elementary school knowledge.

•    You have to be smart with the planning and operations which mean that chapter and course planning must be efficient.

•    Maintaining ethical working style and proper decorum of the class is another feature that must stand out.

•    Speaking and counseling parents about child’s career development must be carried out timely and properly.

•    Attending training course for the self development with enthusiasm.

•    Encouraging students towards self improvement and progress.

•    Encouraging co-operation and fine behavior among students.

•    Planning extracurricular activities like picnics, weekly trips, long tours, sports day, annual days, dance competitions, poem preparations, etc.

If you are ready to take up such a challenging job then, you must prepare yourself and get going.

What Degree/Certificate/Courses is required to find jobs for Nursery School Teacher?

Everyone pursues course or education to finally settle for a good job; earn money and contribute towards this society. Teaching jobs in one of the noblest that shapes children’s career leading towards nation’s buildup.

You must know fully about the courses and their duration period to complete your journey to become a successful teacher.

The minimum qualification that is required to teach nursery class is to hold a bachelor’s degree with 50% of the marks and after that acquiring B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) programme which is one year regular course that caters all the requirements and makes you aware about the teaching style, techniques, soft skills and much more. It can be pursued from any renowned institute or, university that is approved by the state board.

If you are a post graduate student then also you have to complete B.Ed and if you want to advance in studies then, you can go for M.Ed and other master course in teaching.
You must know that involvement in teaching/ experience is a must for private schools. They do not prefer fresher. It is advisable to keep yourself engaged in various voluntary activities from the day one.

There are various diploma courses which are available throughout the country to make you fit in this field. Some courses include:

•    Curriculum expert

•    Management and Operations

•    Classroom Planning

•    Psychological Aspects

•    Skills to deal with parents

•     Educational aspects

These courses vary according to state boards and universities.

Know about the working hours and conditions for Nursery School Teacher

The working hours in this career depends entirely on the type of school you are working for such as, if you are working for a government school then, it sticks to the normal school hours and you have to stick to your 6am to 2pm schedule everyday but in case, you are working for day boarding school then, you might extend working hours up to 6 pm in the evening.

At times, you might end up taking extra classes to complete your targeted syllabus or, for the extra preparation of upcoming exams.

Sometimes, you might teach more than one group in an entire day due to some unavoidable conditions in the school.

Every school demands your time outside it; you have to go for parents meet, gatherings, training sessions, course planning, etc.

Expected salary for a nursery school teacher in India

The salary for a nursery teacher in India varies as per the state. At some place, you might find that they are higher but on the other side; they are not up to the mark. Last data updated in the month of September about the pay scale of nursery teachers says that pay scale varies between Rs 59,585 - Rs 274,811.
When it come to the bonus part of teachers; it is distributes only to the higher pay scale band or to the government employees.

Continuing education to find better job for nursery school teacher

You can always advance in teaching education through higher courses. After bachelor’s degree, you can always go for the post- graduate studies like M.Ed (Master of Education) which is nothing but a deep study of teaching techniques, skills and design. It makes you eligible for teaching higher classes.

If you want to pursue research thing in your field or looking forward for lectureship then, NET exam (National Eligibility Test) must be qualified with minimum marks. This exam is held by UGC twice in a year with fees of Rs. 600/ attempt. It is given as per the subject chosen such as; a management student will give a different exam while a Computer Application student will give another exam.

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