How to Prepare CSAT for IAS Prelim 2013

The aptitude test commonly known as CSAT or Civil Services Aptitude Test was introduced by UPSC two years back

The aptitude test commonly known as CSAT or Civil Services Aptitude Test was introduced by UPSC two years back. The CSAT is valued for 200 marks in the Prelims and it is easier to score in this paper in comparison to paper-1 (General Studies), which is why it is important for the students to understand how to prepare CSAT for IAS Prelim 2013.

While preparing for the CSAT Prelims, there are seven main areas that you should focus upon and these are:

While preparing for the comprehension, it is important that the students understand the written passage properly while analysing the ideas. The questions can be answered well only when you have understood the opinions, ideas and details of the comprehension properly. Jagranjosh facilitates you with the comprehensive practice material on comprehension.

Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills
Interpersonal skill and communication skill is not about grammar and vocabulary but about how you interact with other and how you perform in a group. Communication skill involves articulating your views comprehensively and briefly, while at the same time being receptive to others’ ideas. Jagranjosh provides you study material for testing your interpersonal skills in an efficient way.

Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability
When you prepare yourself for the logical reasoning and analytical ability, you should understand three main parts- scenario, rules and the questions. It is about understanding of the information, diagramming of the information as well as sequencing the given information. It requires your attention and therefore it is important to prepare for this area in a very meticulous way. At Jagranjosh, you can take up the test series or assistance from the study material to judge your logical reasoning and analytical ability.

Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
The decision-making and problem-solving questions in the CSAT IAS Prelims are important to focus upon because they are meant to judge the awareness of the candidate. As the name says it all, this section judges the candidates on their ability to handle various situations in day-to-day life. Such types of questions also do not carry any negative marking, which is why it is advisable for the candidates to attempt them right in the beginning. Decision making and problem solving can be understood well by going through the Jagranjosh study material.

General Mental Ability
Students preparing for the CSAT for IAS Prelim 2013 need to understand that it is important to answer the maximum number of questions correctly. Solving the questions under this section is by and large, simpler than other tests because it does not involve complex procedures. Here, all that you need to do is practice more. Practicing will help you in improving your score to a large extent. You can check your general mental ability by going through the test series designed by the experts at Jagranjosh.

Basic Numeracy and Data Interpretation
Basic numeracy is popularly also known as Quantitative Aptitude. In basic numeracy, the candidates should focus on certain components such as number system, percentage, profit, loss and discount, averages and their applications, ratio, proportion and variation, time and work, time, speed and distance as well as the basics of algebra. In data interpretation, you need to apply the tools of statistics to make a representation of the data. There are certain ways of data interpretation which involve narration-based, pictorial, table representation, pie chart as well as bar graph. Basic numeracy and data interpretation can be worked upon with the help of Jagranjosh.

English Language Comprehension Skills
Under this section, the students are tested on their mature understanding as well as retention ability. Comprehension basically involves the reading comprehension. Here, the candidates should train themselves to grasp the information and retain it as well. This section basically tests you on how well you can detect the main ideas of the comprehension and construct inferences from it. Actually this passage is of 100 words and is in English for both English medium and Hindi Medium students and is meant to test the Basic English understanding. You can check your comprehension skills with the help of Jagranjosh.

By focusing on these seven key areas, you can prepare well for the CSAT for IAS Prelim 2013.
For your overall assistance, Jagranjosh provides you with a comprehensive PDF package. Also, you can take up the online test series to judge how well prepared you are for the exams.


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