How to prepare English for Bank exams?

The habit of reading is a very productive and good habit not only for bank recruitment examinations or other competitive examinations but also for other spheres of life. Here are some ways to develop reading habit.

How to prepare English for Bank exams?
How to prepare English for Bank exams?

All of you are preparing for various competitive examinations and one thing is common among all of you is that all of you require reading a lot from different books. Competitive exams including bank recruitment exams require reading from different books and you need to be an avid reader in order to continue reading a particular topic from different books. You have English section in all bank recruitment exams and you definitely require studying reading comprehension and answer questions in that section. You require very good comprehensive capacity to deduce information from the given passage. So it’s important to cultivate reading habit.

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Developing the reading habit: Here’s how?

Most of you are not accustomed to intensive reading and you may find it very difficult to read books. There are certain techniques that you should follow in order to love reading and after that you will start reading out of sheer love and not requirement for any exam or so.

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  • Start reading light hearted books: This is for people who are averse to the idea of reading. It is because you first need to get interested in reading so that you keep on reading without any exam requiring you to do so. At first go for books that are not very complicated or very serious ones.
  • Make a timeline: Start making a timeline of finishing a book so that you can keep a track of the reading speed. This is important since you have very less time to cover and revise the syllabus in any exam.

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  • Develop liking for reading: You can only read if you love to read. This is important for each and everything in life. So first develop love for reading various books and gaining knowledge from it. Once you are hooked to it, you will see that books can also be very interesting.
  • Eat, drink and sleep with books: This is important since you require interaction with books as much as possible. It is in this regard that you should think about reading books even in your free time. Just read a fiction in case you are tired and go for that quant book when you are fully energized to read and practice.
  • Be yourself: In case of reading some people do it in the morning and some prefer to read at night. You should chalk out your preference in the beginning and plan accordingly. Just remember that you may be nocturnal and the other may be an early riser but both of you are doing the same thing albeit in your own ways.

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  • Search for old books to avoid money constraint: Reading demands money as well but there are various sources now to get books such as Amazon Kindle or www. Goodreads. Com is a very good website in this regard. You can also go for old book shops in your town. Do not buy classic novels new since there will not be any change whereas you can buy two or three more books with that money. This will also help in developing linking for reading.
  • Keep a track of your reading materials: Once you start reading keep a track of the books that you have already read in order to let it work as morale booster. It will also help you go for diverse materials and complete the same within a given time frame.

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Reading habit can help you in every field of life. You may go to any office but if you have the habit of reading circulars and new notices, you can enrich yourself and your colleagues will also look up to you in case of any need or information. This will make you a sought after person at your work place. Reading is something that gives you knowledge and also helps you pass time in a productive manner. You should develop this useful habit not only for that bank recruitment examinations but forever.

All the best!!

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