IAS Prelims 2014:GS Paper I: Tips for Ancient History

The IAS Preliminary Notification will be coming on 31 May 2014

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The Ancient History is one of the areas which is very big to cover but only few questions have been asked in the past from the Ancient History. Moreover the Question asked were very particular and only general idea of the Ancient History topics are not sufficient.The Number of Ancient History Questions in the IAS Prelims 2013 was Six, in 2012 the number was Four and in 2011 it was also Four. Though the number of questions is very less but in IAS Prelims even a single question can make difference.

The Following Points should be remembered by the Candidates while preparing for the IAS Prelims 2014:

•    The Candidates should learn the NCERT Ancient History Books in their entirety because the questions can be asked from anywhere.

•    The Candidates should give more emphasis on the philosophies of Buddhism and Jainism because the questions have been asked from there in good numbers.

•    The Architecture, Infrastructure, Religious folklores of Indus valley civilizations is also an important area of Study.

•   The Ancient History questions need a peculiar requirement of Specificity because the options are very near to the real solution.

•   The Candidates should also study the cultural and trade relation of Indus Valley Civilization as well as the routes followed by them to fulfill the trade and cultural requirements.

•    The Candidates can also consult the Indira Gandhi National Open University Study Material from Earliest Time to 8th Century.

•    The Candidates should also take interest in the latest discoveries done by the Archeological department of India to keep a relative link of the Indus Valley Sites and other related interpretations.


The IAS Preliminary Notification will be coming on 31 May 2014. The press note issued by the commission says that there will be no change in the Syllabus and Pattern of the Exam. This time the competition will be cut throat even tougher than in the previous years due to the age relaxation provided by the Department of Personnel in February. So this year the look and feel of the competition will be different and tougher. The candidates should keep this fact in mind and should always gear up for the hard competition coming ahead in the IAS Prelims Exam 2014.

See here the IAS Prelims Ancient History Previous Year Questions

The Candidates can share their preparation related queries/doubts at the of Myjosh.

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