IAS Preparation Topics 2019

IAS Preparation is a process of improvement day by day and if someone is not improving constantly it means there is a problem with his IAS preparation strategy.

IAS Preparation 2019
IAS Preparation 2019

The Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) conducts the Civil Services (IAS) Prelims Exam each year in the month of June. The IAS Prelims 2019 is scheduled to be conducted on 2 June 2019.

IAS Preparation is a process of improvement day by day and if someone is not improving constantly it means there is a problem with his IAS preparation strategy. IAS Preparation does not mean to prepare about all the topics beneath the SUN including Sun, it is the selection of the relevant topics from all of them and preparing them fully.

The one mantra which you can imbibe in your IAS Preparation should be either you don’t know or you know it fully. The reason of saying this is that, when you prepare a topic half, it is just a waste of effort because UPSC only asks the questions about the details, hence all details are required to be prepared.

We want you to train your mind in such a way so that it can establish a link between the past, present and anticipate the future. You should go deep into the details to know the detail an event.

Here we are providing a list of topics and their details which need to be prepared by the IAS aspirants so that they can score better in the IAS Prelims Exam 2019 and above them all, to improve their approach for the IAS Exam as a whole.

Indian Polity

Indian Polity questions in the IAS prelims exam are very complex. UPSC put the simplest language in the Indian Polity questions. The language of the Indian Polity questions is very much in line with the Indian Constitution. The very psychology behind asking such questions in the IAS Prelims Exam is to check the clarity of the provisions of Indian Constitution of the IAS aspirant.

For example:

We have Federal Settings in our Constitution where the Union and State go hand in hand. But at the same time Union has some overriding powers giving our constitution a unitary colour. Moreover, the Unitary Judicial System is a fundamental feature of the unitary constitution but we have adopted it. So the questions are to understand the philosophy of the constitution and the meaning and interpretation of the provisions.

Lokpal In India

  • Where does the concept of ombudsman originated?
  • What are the provisions of  Lokpal Act 2013?
  • Does investigating Prime Minister is in its ambit?
  • How will it undermine the authority of CBI and CVC?
  • How will it affect the Center and State relations?
  • Upto what extent, will it be effective when we have CBI, CVC and ED in place

          Model Code of Conduct

What is the Model Code of Conduct?
Who oversees the implementation of Model Code of conduct in the district?
When does the Model code of conduct come into force?

Current Affairs

Veto Powers of UN Members

Some very important aspects for the IAS Exam was opened when China vetoed the latest resolution on Masood Ashar

  • What is a veto?
  • Where does the concept of Veto originated?
  • Why the veto powers were given to some UN members?
  • What are the advantages taken by the Veto applying members?
  • Some factual information also required such as
  • How many members have Veto Powers?
  • Who are the permanent members of the UN Security Council?
  • Does India is ready for the Permanent Seat in the UN Security Council?
  • What is the Stand of Indian Government in the UN regarding the latest UN resolution?
 National Security
  • Why Nuclear Arms are essential for the Peace loving country like India?
  • How does the Chinese aggressive policy in the South Asean waters affect the Indian Trade interest?
  • What should be the Policy of India in order to persuade the Buffer countries between India and China?

Keep visiting this page as we will be updating the new topics for the IAS Prelims Exam 2019.

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