IAS Questions for Prelims: 26 August 2017

IAS questions given in this article covers important issues of the country which are vital in terms of IAS Exam. The IAS aspirant should practice such questions before IAS Prelims Exam 2018.

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IAS Questions for Prelims 26 August 2017
IAS Questions for Prelims 26 August 2017

Here, we have provided IAS questions based on the current events of national and international importance. Such current affairs based questions will be much helpful for the IAS Prelims Exam 2018.

IAS Prelims Exam Guide

1. The bidding process for the second round under Regional Connectivity Scheme – UDAN launched recently. Consider the following statements regarding this:
1. The second round of UDAN will be on improving connectivity to priority areas like the North East, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep by introducing more operational flexibility and promoting helicopter operations.
2. The Regional Connectivity Scheme UDAN is a key component of the National Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP) which was released by the Ministry of Civil Aviation on 15th June 2016.
3. UDAN was launched in October 2016 with the prime objective to facilitate/stimulate regional air connectivity by making it affordable for the masses.

Which of the following above statements is true?
a. 1 and 2
b. 2 and 3
c. 1 and 3
d. 1, 2 and 3

Answer: d


The Regional Connectivity Scheme UDAN is a key component of the National Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP) which was released by the Ministry of Civil Aviation on 15th June 2016. UDAN was launched in October 2016 with the prime objective to facilitate/stimulate regional air connectivity by making it affordable for the masses. After the 1st Round of successful bidding, the Ministry launched the 2nd Round.

Among the important changes that are being affected, routes with stage length less than 150 Kms will now be permitted for operations as RCS Routes through fixed wing aircraft. This is aimed at providing enhanced connectivity and eases the formation of networks under the Scheme. While exclusivity of operations will continue to be applicable for a period of 3 years, Selected Airline Operators (SAO)   can issue No-Objection Certificate (NOC) to other airline operators willing to operate on the respective RCS Route. This will ensure there is no supply constraint on RCS Routes. To provide more flexibility to Selected Airline Operators (SAO), the maximum number of flights with VGF has been increased to 14 for Priority Areas. Further, the SAOs can anytime increase the number of flights on RCS Routes to any number. Also, minimum performance specifications will no longer be applicable on Non-RCS Routes.

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2. Which of the following typhoon recently killed dozens of people in Southern China?
a. Koppu
b. Hato
c. Merbok
d. Muifa

Answer: b


At least nine people have been killed and one remains missing as the strongest typhoon of the year hit south China recently. Typhoon Hato, the strongest storm to descend on Hong Kong in five years, killed at least three people in the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau and forced Hong Kong to close offices and schools and cancel hundreds of flights Wednesday.

Local weather authorities designated Hato a category 10 storm. It passed within 37 miles of the city with maximum sustained winds of 78 miles per hour and gusts of up to 129 mph. Hong Kong last experienced a storm of Hato's strength in 2012, with Typhoon Vicente.

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3. Recently, US has imposed sanctions on individuals and companies of which of the following two nations?
a. China and Russia
b. China and Pakistan
c. Russia and Iran
d. Iran and China

Answer: a


The United States is imposing sanctions on Chinese and Russian companies and individuals for supporting North Korean weapons programs, including those dealing in Pyongyang’s energy trade and helping North Korean entities gain access to the US and international finance system.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control designated 10 “third-country” entities, including six Chinese-owned, one Russian, one North Korean and two based in Singapore. They include one Namibia-based subsidiary of a Chinese company and a North Korean entity operating in Namibia. The six individuals include four Russians, one Chinese and one North Korean, according to a treasury department statement.

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4. The wreckage of the lost World War II cruiser USS Indianapolis was recently found in which of the following ocean?
a. Atlantic Ocean
b. Indian Ocean
c. Pacific Ocean
d. Arctic Ocean

Answer: c


Recently, researchers have announced that they discovered the wreckage of the lost warship the USS Indianapolis, 72 years after the World War II cruiser was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. The wreckage was found in the Philippine Sea 5.5 kilometres below the surface, according to philanthropist Paul Allen, who headed the civilian research crew that located the ship.

The ship was hit in the final days of World War II just after completing a secret mission delivering parts of the atomic bomb used in Hiroshima. The vessel sank in just 12 minutes, meaning it was unable to send a distress signal or deploy life-saving equipment, according to the history division of the US Navy.


5. The rare sighting of the endangered mammal, the Irrawaddy dolphin has been spotted recently in which of the following lakes of India?
a. Chilika
b. Dal
c. Loktak
d. Wular

Answer: a


The first sighting of the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins in the Rambha sector of Chilika Lake in three decades has brought much cheer to nature lovers. The rare sighting of the endangered mammal earlier this week is a result of the Chilika Development Authority’s (CDA) removing illegal prawn enclosures from the vast lake waters leading to unhindered movement of the dolphins.

The World Wide Fund for Nature representatives managed to capture photographs of the dolphins.  The dolphins did not have free movement due to the presence of prawn enclosures. Their prey base had also been squeezed. They stopped coming to Rambha in recent decades. Rambha sector is one of the extreme ends of Chilika. It was a very satisfying moment to spot them. If the dolphins can travel up to Rambha, their habitat will only get better in the coming days.

According to the CDA, Chilika is the natural abode of the highly endangered Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostrate). The total population of these animals in the world is estimated to be less than 7,500. Of these, the highest — 6,400 — was reported from Bangladesh. The population in Chilika is considered to be the highest single lagoonal population. Chilika had registered a marginal drop in population of Irrawaddy dolphins from 144 in 2015 to 134 this year. Dolphins are usually seen in Satapada sector of the lake.

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