Importance of Visual Arts Education at Schools

Visual Arts implemented in education at school can help students bring out their creativity as well as develop their personality. Children performing arts helps them think creatively, improves their mental and imagination skills. Schools implementing Visual Arts in education helo develop student akills and personality.


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Visual Arts Education
Visual Arts Education

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Art has various forms which help us to let out our emotions and skills. Visual arts refer to Painting, drawing, sketching, photography, crafting, sculptures, textile design, Digital Painting etc. Visual Art is widely appreciated through paintings, sculptures as well as short films, documentaries too. For a person to learn visual arts requires years of consistent practice so they can put their imagination and creativity concisely. Let us read about the importance of visual arts in education –

Importance of Visual Arts at schools –

  • Helps kids explore their imagination power –Visual Arts helps children to represent their thoughts and skills. It lets them explore and perform their artistic skills, imagination and memories creatively
  • Helps in school work – Visual Arts also affects students academics as their learning skills improve with the practice of arts and crafts. They are better at adapting skills and so they learn faster than the children who are less active in visual arts.
  • Improves motor skills - Students who do art and crafts on regular basis learn to use art tools and techniques like different types of brush, uses of colours, Photography, videography techniques etc.
  • Boosts self-confidence – Visual Art is a way of representing one’s feelings and imagination in a form. When students make arts and it is appreciated, then they feel good about their performance and hence are motivated to do better. This confidence and determination helps them improve their weak areas and also they become more open about representing of their art skills
  • Learning from artists- Children who make visual arts refer to work of the established artists. This helps them expand their knowledge about visual arts. Visual art education helps students in analysis, judgement skills and improves their own art form.

Why extracurricular is important with academics?

  • Decision and Determination skills - With art students learn to analyse, criticise, reasoning and logical thinking skills. This helps them to decide on different alternatives and make better choices for presenting their work
  • Focus - Visual arts teaches students patience and focus on their work. Sometimes, students while studying lose concentration due to distractions but with help of visual art students learn planning and organising skill which helps them focus on their tasks
  • Coordination skills - Students at art class learn to cooperate by helping each other in their work. They are teamed up and given group objectives for competition which teaches them team work and collaboration
  • Accountability - Children learn ownership skills with visual arts as they want to appreciate for their work and also, they learn to accept criticism for their work. This helps them improve their overall skills and make them responsible for their arts.

Conclusion: Visual Arts helps students explore their creative side as well as it helps them in their academics. Schools too implemented visual arts in the curriculum as this benefits student in overall development.

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