Is there a need to strengthen recruitment process for IBPS clerk as there is no interview now!

The banking industry is soon expected to abolish the personal interview round and introduce new tests for assessing the candidates in selecting them to various job profiles. The decision to abolish personal interview in the lower and junior level clerical position came right from the Prime Minister of the company.

Created On: Mar 15, 2016 09:03 IST
Modified On: Mar 16, 2016 11:24 IST
IBPS clerk as there is no interview now!
IBPS clerk as there is no interview now!

Through the sources it has almost become evident that the personal interview round would get abolished for bank clerk recruitment in the country. After the announcement of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to abolish the practice of personal interview for the Group C and D posts, it is just a matter of time now when the banking sector would also declare to abolish the same. Along with IBPS, SBI and RBI would also consider the same in time to come. In this regard, the banking industry is looking for other options to test the candidates after they clear the written examination. It is not practical to select candidates just through the written examination, as banking involves interaction with customers and a sharp mind at desk. The candidates must remain prone to take pressure at the workplace and should be strong enough to handle day to day situation in the office. The candidates should have a minimum wit to carry out operations in the banks, and this could only be tested through having one to one conversation with the candidates during the selection procedure.

PSBs to strengthen exam for clerical posts

The entire banking fraternity is taxing their brains to find out ways with which personal interview could get replaced. The personal interview round allowed the employers to understand the candidates well. They could have tested their skills to communicate and tackle tricky situations through their wisdom and skills in the personal interview round. They need to now find out ways to make the most of it without the personal interview. Selection of the candidates is bound to be tough for the employers and thus they need to device new techniques. They need to device newer techniques in the written test as well. Presently, most of the banking examination conducts written test in two phases, to eliminate candidates and select them on the basis of their performance in the personal interview round. Hence, the written examination would now have to do the filtering task for the selectors. There could be an added paper in the written test, which could test the overall psychological aspect of the candidates. They can also think of raising the level of questions in the banking examination as well. The candidates could also get asked to take up an additional written examination or skill test examination after they clear the prelims and Mains written examination. The candidates could also get tested for their typing skills and overall practical computer experience, as they would have to work in the computer interface after getting selected.

Many candidates often get nervous and perform real bad at the personal interviews, ending their possibility to make it to the post. The new decision of excluding personal interview would help candidates getting the desired confidence and allow them to try hard to get the job. The psychometric test is yet another option, which is most likely to replace the personal interview round. This test would be an extension in the written test, which could both be conducted online or offline. The test is for checking the mental and psychological ability of the candidates to handle various situations. They would have to undergo various numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, diagrammatic reasoning test and situational judgment test in the psychometric test. Being a written examination, it can reduce the fear among the candidates and at the same time check the psychological aspects of the candidates.