ISC Commerce Specimen Paper 2023 Class 12: CISCE Commerce Sample Paper, Download PDF

Commerce Specimen Paper Class 12 ISC: The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has released the specimen papers for the upcoming ISC exams 2023. Solving specimen papers is an easy yet effective way to score well in the exams, especially in subjects like Commerce, which require practice and a good grasp of fundamentals. View and download the ISC Commerce Specimen Paper 2023 for class 12 here in pdf format.

Download Commerce Specimen Paper for Class 12 ISC Board Exam
Download Commerce Specimen Paper for Class 12 ISC Board Exam

ISC Commerce Specimen Paper 2023 for Class 12: The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has released the specimen papers for the upcoming higher secondary Indian School Certificate (ISC) exams 2023. The class 12th ISC exams commenced from February 13. Learning new concepts is not recommended during exams. Instead, students should focus on revision and solving specimen papers. Commerce (Code: 857) is an elective subject in ISC Class 12 but one of the main subjects for the commerce stream students. Commerce teaches students key concepts like management, financing and marketing. It’s important to do well in the ISC 12th Commerce exam, and there couldn’t be a better way to achieve that than solving ISC Class 12 Commerce specimen paper. Students often battle stress due to exams, and the leading reason for this, apart from lack of preparation, is poor time management skills. The ISC Class 12 Commerce specimen paper help students in reducing exam-related stress and improve time management skills by providing an idea of the exam blueprint, marks distribution, and the type and difficulty level of questions to be expected in the final exam. Check here the ISC Commerce Specimen Paper Class 12 PDF for download.

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ISC Class 12 Commerce Specimen Paper 2023

  • The ISC Board class 12 Commerce paper carries 80 marks and a duration of three The questions will be of both objective and descriptive type.
  • 15 minutes of reading time will be provided and writing answers will not be allowed during this
  • The ISC Class 12th Commerce exam will have three sections: A, B, and C.
  • Section A will be be MCQ, assertion and short answer based, carrying 1 mark for each question.
  • All questions will be compulsory, and students will be provided internal choice between questions in sections B and C.

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Check the 2023 ISC Commerce Specimen Paper for class 12 in pdf format here. The download link is attached at the end of the article.


Question 1

(i) At, there is no reward or appreciation for a good suggestion. Thus, the subordinates do not want to offer any useful suggestions to their superiors. Which type of barrier to communication has been created in the firm? [1]

(a) Semantic barrier

(b) Personal barrier

(c) Organisational barrier

(d) Psychological barrier

(ii) Capital structure shows: [1]

(a) debtor-creditor ratio.

(b) fixed assets-current assets ratio.

(c) debt-equity ratio.

(d) interest coverage ratio.

(iii) Which one of the following is NOT counted as a Current Asset? [1]

(a) Inventory

(b) Cash

(c) Account receivable

(d) Equipment

(iv) A trader wants to transfer funds electronically through NEFT, but he does not have a bank account. What is the maximum amount that he can transfer? [1]

(a) 65,000

(b) 50,000

(c) 49,000

(d) 45,000

(v) Esprit de corps means _________. [1]

(a) buyer beware

(b) product is our strength

(c) service is our motto

(d) union is strength

(vi) Select and write the odd one out of the following: [1]

(a) Different elements of business environment are closely interrelated.

(b) Business environment is rigid in nature.

(c) Business environment is difficult to predict.

(d) Social and cultural forces exercise significant influence on business.

(vii) State whether the following statements are True or False. [4]

(a) The minimum amount of funds that can be transferred through RTGS is ₹ 2,00,000.

(b) Micro environment refers to an environment which is in direct contact with a specific business organisation.

(c) Warranty is not a part of place and promotion elements of marketing mix.

(d) Packaging is an innovative function.

(viii) ___________ function of management is related to placing the right person in the right job. [1]

(ix) __________ is the hidden force that links all the functions of management.[1]

(x) When the photostat machines were introduced in the market, the carbon paper industry was adversely affected. Which component of macro environment is responsible for it? [1]

(xi) Sushant went to a shop to buy detergent. The shopkeeper forced him to buy a particular brand of detergent out of the various available brands, irrespective of the willingness of Sushant. Which right of Sushant, as a consumer, has been violated? [1]

(xii) Business environment differs from country to country and region to region. Which feature of business environment is being referred to here? [1]

(xiii) Assertion : Advertising costs are extracted from the consumers in the form of higher prices. [1]

Reason : Advertising helps in increasing sales and thereby in reducing cost.

(a) Both Assertion and Reason are true, and Reason is the correct explanation of Assertion.

(b) Both Assertion and Reason are true, but Reason is not the correct explanation of Assertion.

(c) Assertion is true but Reason is False.

(d) Assertion is False but Reason is true.

You can read and download the complete ISC Class 12 Commerce Specimen Paper 2023 below.

ISC Commerce Specimen Paper Class 12 PDF Download

Check all the latest Specimen Papers of ISC Class 12 below.

ISC Specimen Paper 2023

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How to Download ISC Commerce Specimen Paper for Class 12?

The ISC Commerce specimen paper for class 12 is available for download on the official website of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), You can also view and download the ISC class 12 Commerce specimen paper pdf at Jagran Josh.

What is the Syllabus of Commerce in Class 12 ISC?

The syllabus of ISC Class 12 Commerce is a bit different and bigger than other boards. The Topics Taught In ISC Class 12 Commerce Syllabus include Business Environment, Financing, Management, And Marketing.

Is ISC Commerce Sample Paper for Class 12 helpful for the CISCE Board Exam?

Sample papers give students an idea about the exam blueprint and marks distribution of topics. This benefits students, especially in subjects like commerce, to prepare according to the importance of topics, the word limit and time limit.

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