Life Lessons you learn during your College Days

The life lessons that you learn during the college days can help you to build an excellent career and great life ahead. Let’s find out what are these life lessons in this video.

Life Lessons you learn during your College Days
Life Lessons you learn during your College Days

College life is one that every student eagerly waits for. Going to college is a big step in one's life. It seems like a dream come true. All of a sudden you break through the shackles that have bound you for all these years of school life and get to experience real freedom. But along with having fun during your college days, you can also learn some very important and crucial life lessons. The school kid that walked into a college walks out of it as an adult who is ready to face all the challenges that life throw at you.

The life lessons that you learn during the college days can help you to build an excellent career ahead but they also make sure that you grow and become a better human being. So, what are these life lessons that you can learn during the college days and how? Let’s ask a few college mates and find out.

Exposure to the world

Unlike school days, in college you are more likely to experience the real world away from the protective custody of your parents and teachers. Here’s where you would meet fellow students from different ethnicity, geography, cultures and traditions. To top this, one also learns via the varied college experiences one has, be it travelling with friends of spending hours in the library trying to complete  a research paper.

Let's see whatstudents have to say about this?

College gives you a much broader perspective on life. The lessons that you learn here are helpful long after you have left these grounds.

Money Management

Managing your money is probably the most important life lesson that college can teach you. Surviving a fill month on a shoe-string budget while also avoiding the temptation to buy that new shirt or go on that long pending trip can teach us a lot. Let’s ask some students how they manage their monthly expenses within their pocket money.

College teaches you to live even on a shoe string budget. But, it's a good thing, a great habit to have later in life when you need to start making savings for real.


Life-lesson no 3 that students learn during college life is self-discipline. Gone are the days where parents and teachers use to keep a close check your studies or homework. Students are responsible for their own actions and more importantly the grades they get. Let’s ask some students their view on self-discipline in college.

It is a mix of both. It's fun but you yourself have to draw the line to how much fun. Responsibilities also increase, you don't want them but well they are just there, can't get rid of them.

Time Management

Is college life really about living life at your own whims and wishes? Or do students have to follow and plan for themselves a schedule and work accordingly? Let's get some perspective of their own on this.

There is an old adage about college life which goes “…it’s not college….it’s way of life’. This statement truly encompasses all the life lessons that college has in store for us. Apart from academics, college life can teach us many important lessons that prepare us for the challenges that lie ahead in the crash real world.

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