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Which number replaces the question mark.

1. Which number replaces the question mark?
(a) 4     (b) 6
(c) 7     (d) 8

2. In a certain factory, each day the expected number of defected article is related to the number of articles produced in overtime hours by a linear equation. Suppose that on a particular day there were 1000 overtime hours logged and 8 defected articles produced, and on another day there were 400 overtime hours logged and 5 defected articles produced. What was the expected numbers of defected articles when no overtime hours are logged?
(a) 2     (b) 1     
(c) 4     (d) 3

3. There is a circular ring inside a bigger circle. The diameter of the ring is equal to the G radius of the circle. If the
ring were to roll along the circumference of the circle, then how many rounds would it make before it comes to the original position?

(a) 2 (b) 2r
(c) R (d) Cannot be determined

4. In a certain way, 'PROJECT' is related to 'TCEORP', 'PLANE' is related to 'ENLP' AND 'SUM' is related to 'MS'. Following the same pattern,' INSURANCE' will be related to:
(c) RUSNICEN (d) None of these

5. Pointing to a boy in a photograph Ram said "He is the son of my maternal grandfather's only child". How is the boy related to Ram?
(a) Self
(b) Brother
(c) Cousin brother
(d) Data inadequate.

6. In a certain code, TOMATO is coded as MTOOTA, in the same way, the code for 123412 will be
(a) 312214     (b) 123456 '
(c) 321124     (d) 213314

7. R is taller than H who is shorter than S. N is taller than M but shorter than H. S is shorter than R. Who is the tallest?
(a) H (b) M
(c) N (d) R

8. Rohan born in 1932. He had lived one-fourth of his life as a boy, one-third of his life as a youth, one-fifth of his life as a man and the remaining 13 years as an old man. In which year did Rohan die?
(a) 1986     (b) 1972
(c) 1992     (d) 1968

9. A clock is set right at 10 AM.The clock gains 10 minutes in 24 hours. What will be the true time
when the clock indicates 3 PM the following day?

(a) 2 : 45 PM     (b) 2 : 48 PM
(c) 2 : 49 PM     (d) None of these

10. A solid cube of side 6 is first painted white and then cut into smaller cubes of side 2. How many of the smaller cubes have paint on exactly 2 sides?
(a) 30 (b) 24
(c) 12 (d) 8

11. The maximum number of children among them 2002 toffees and 1820 chocolates can be distributed in such a way that each children gets the same number of toffees and same number of chocolates is:
(a) 182     (b) 1820.
(c) 1640     (d) None of these

12. There are two squares, one larger than the other. The perimeter of the larger square is 44 more than that of the smaller square, and the area of the larger square is 187 sq. Unit more than the area of the smaller. Find the sides of the squares.
(a) 4 and 15
(c) 3 and 14
(b) 3.5 and 14.5
(d) None of these

1.b, 2.d, 3.a, 4.a, 5.b, 6.a, 7.d, 8.c, 9.b, 10.c, 11.a, 12. C

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