MBA in Port and Shipping Management: Prospects & Career Options

If you want to organize, supervise and manage the ports functions in a streamline manner consider the chances of pursuing MBA in Port and Shipping Management.

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MBA in Port and Shipping Management: Prospects & Career Options
MBA in Port and Shipping Management: Prospects & Career Options

Port and shipping management are the two odds and ends of logistics that represents a momentous role in international trade and commerce. A special thanks to globalization and enticement of sea routes, more and more companies are embracing the ideologies of port management. 

But what’s the use of management and young graduates of MBA in this field? How can they put their analytical skills to use in the dull environment of transporting goods over the sea? 

The answer to that is quiet simple. Port and shipping management requires more of the brain than the hands for lifting the freight. Imagination and inventiveness are the challenges that the MBAs strive for and this area demands the same. In the shipping industry, you have to organize, supervise and get the ports functioning through

  • Synchronizing deliveries with ships
  • Handling the ship and logistics operations
  • Marketing and developing port
  • Enforcing security initiatives and
  • Health management

As righteously quoted by Ethan Zuckerman,

So what better platform can you possibly have to show your creativity? And what better path other than ‘MBA in port and shipping management’ can you possibly have to hone your creative skills? The purpose of this article is to help you piece together the mishmash of this highly prestigious course.

You will find here the following topics:

  1. An Introduction to Port and Shipping Management
  2. Rationale for choosing a career in Port and Shipping Management
  3. Eligibility criteria for pursuing MBA in Port and Shipping Management
  4. Syllabus taught in Port and Shipping Management
  5. Career Options/Opportunities after Port and Shipping Management
  6. Pay Packages offered to Port and Shipping Management
  7. List of Top/Best Colleges to Port and Shipping Management
  8. List of Top Recruiters that hire Port and Shipping Management

What is MBA in Port and Shipping Management?

The incessant demand for improvised management capabilities in port management has inflamed the educators in creating the educational course of MBA in port and shipping management. This MBA programs augments the core management skills among the young aspirants to help them lead the challenging shipping industry.

The expertise gained by the students from this program extends from general management and functional specialization to sectorial specialization. The students are prepared to solve critical management problems emerging within shipping and transportation sectors through the application of multi-disciplinary professional knowledge.

Not only the individuals will comprehend the appropriate strategies but learn to apply them in the global market of shipping. With optimum education and training, the students can acquire proficiency in the following domains:

Top 10 Sectoral MBA Specializations: A Detailed Review

Why MBA in Port and Shipping Management?

When considering the reach and value of the shipping industry in India, it is happily noted that about 70% of trading value is done over the sea routes. What’s more, nearly 95% of the trade by volume is carried out through freight movement in ships. The Indian ship industry has gained infrastructure development and catered to increasing global demand over the years with the coastline of 7,517 Km (approximately).

It has acquired the rank of 16th amongst the largest maritime countries in the world. India has built 199 ports where 187 are non-major and the rest 12 are the major ports and the government has further recognized the need for developing the port sector. The Indian port sector has attracted an FDI of 1,637.3 million US dollars from 2000 to 2015. Also, the investment crossed over 3.88 billion US dollars.

For this purpose, the government has allowed the assistance of foreign direct investment and a 10-year tax free zone for those who help in the development of ports.

Though the growth has been slow, in FY15, the cargo traffic in the major ports of India amounted to 581.3 million metric tonnes (MMT). Till August-October in 2015, the statistics determined the cargo traffic at 347.9 MMT; however, it is projected to acquire 943.1 MMT till 2017. The following figure portrays a 2.9% CAGR increase in cargo traffic from the years FY07 to FY15.

Source: Ministry of Shipping

Figure: Cargo traffic at the major ports of India

When considering the cargo handling aspect, the capacity of the major ports of India is adequate to sustain the handling. In 2015, the capacity equated to 871.52 MMT with an increase in exploitation by 66%. The container handling also witnessed an upsurge of 6% growth in 2013-14 by reaching 8 million from 7.46 million TEU (twenty foot-equivalent unit). To further develop this sector, the Indian government has developed a strategic plan to construct 12 coastal economic ports with a span of 300-500 km coastline.

For this development, an investment of nearly 10.5 billion US dollars will be spent in the span of coming 5 years. Apart from this extension, the government also plans to develop the inland waterway sector for the purposes of commencing large transportation of goods and attracting higher investment. 

The following figure shows the cargo capacity at the major ports of India, which comprises of solid, liquid and container.

Source: Ministry of Shipping

Figure: Cargo at major ports in India

As far as the global picture is concerned, the following table presents the development in merchandise trade volumes of different countries. As seen in the figure, the developing countries have shown less growth from the others, depicting the higher need of further development. Needless to say, the shipping industry requires highly specialized professionals who can increase the graph of this growth.

Source: UNCTAD secretariat

Figure: Growth in the volume of merchandise

Eligibility criteria for MBA in Port and Shipping Management

Education in this sector is considered as immensely valuable in the range of jobs offered to individuals in shipping industry. The students who graduate with high percentage of marks from MBA in port and shipping management will have vibrant opportunities in the future career path. The course will offer you trainings of theoretical, practical and technical aspects of management and leadership in shipping domain. But before that, you need to have the following qualifications:

  • Minimum 50% of marks in 10th and 12th.
  • Minimum 50% of marks in graduation from relevant stream and recognized university.
  • Clearance of entry-level examination such as CAT/XAT/MAT/GMAT/JMET etc.

Skills required for pursuing MBA in Port and Shipping Management

Apart from the above qualifications, there are, however, some personal attributes that increases your chances of success in this field. Read along to know what they are:

Exceptional verbal and written communication skills


Commercial awareness

Never-ending learning attitude

High level of numeric ability

Creative persona

Managerial skills

Rational thinking

MBA in Port and Shipping Management Syllabus

This educational course produces a novice into expert over a span of two years. With workshops, trainings and exposure to the business world, the students tend to break their shell of hesitance and emerge as confident, capable and adaptable individuals. The esteemed colleges offering MBA in port and shipping management have a comprehensive list of subjects to generate such army of individuals. The following are, however, few of them:

Subjects for MBA in Port and Shipping Management

Economics and management decisions

Port and terminal management

Organizational behavior

International maritime transport

Business communication

IT applications in port and shipping

Ship brokering and charting

Port and shipping industry accounting

Maritime economics

Port and shipping financial management

Shipping laws

Linear and multi-model transport management

Ship agency management

Maritime enterprise management

Maritime insurance and law

Port management

MBA in Port and Shipping Management: Career options

The shipping industry of India appoints millions of people with a promise of continuous learning environment and development. With globalization and boost in the international trade, the opportunities in the career path of individuals in shipping industry have grown tremendously.

Both the government and private agencies readily hire professionals with or without experience. Usually, the location of jobs is found in the cities near the coastal regions such as Chennai, Mumbai, and Vishakhapatnam etc. The domains where one can land varieties of jobs are:

  • Merchant navy
  • Freight department
  • Bulk carrier department
  • Cruise ship

And the companies hiring in these departments are:

Following is the career options of an MBA graduate from port and shipping management:

Pay Packages for MBA in Port and Shipping Management

Depending on the MBA College, score and subject proficiency, the port managers can start off with a salary of up to 3 lakhs per annum (tentative) which might extend to 10 lakhs with experience. Apart from remuneration, the port managers are privileged with additional facilities of medical benefits, retirement planes and concession on house rents.

Job Profile

Average Salary (tentative)

Shipping manager

Rs. 417, 600

Operations manger

Rs. 715,975

Senior shipping manager

Rs. 1,096,965

Port manager

Rs. 1,200,000


Top Colleges for MBA in Port and Shipping Management

Following is the list of top-notch colleges offering this course:

  1. Indian Maritime University, Chennai
  2. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Uttarakhand
  3. Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Kanathur, Tamil Nadu
  4. National Institute of Port Management, Chennai
  5. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  6. National Institute of Shipping Management, Mumbai
  7. Indian Institute of Logistics, Chennai
  8. Narottam Morarjee Institute of Shipping, Mumbai

Top Recruiters for MBA in Port and Shipping Management

The top companies hiring the graduates of MBA in port and shipping management are:

  1. Shipping Corporation of India
  2. Essar shipping
  3. Global offshore
  4. Varun Shipping Company Limited
  5. Chowgule Steam
  6. GE Shipping
  7. Mercator
  8. ABG Shipyard
  9. Seamec
  10. Tradex Shipping
  11. Maritime Pvt Ltd
  12. Adarsh Ship Management
  13. Ultratech Cement
  14. Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited
  15. Reliance def

Don’t you think that pursuing your MBA in Port and Shipping Management can be a lucrative option for your career growth?

Kindly share with us your valuable comments and experiences regarding the scope of pursuing MBA in Port and Shipping Management.

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