MBA Quantitative Aptitude Basic Concepts – Functions

Learn the concepts of Functions chapter at to gain excellent grades in the Algebra chapter of Quantitative Aptitude Section. These concepts will prepare you for the CAT, CMAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP etc exams.

May 25, 2016 11:37 IST
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Dear Aspirants,

After understanding the topics of arithmetic section, it’s time now that we focus our attention on topics from Algebra section. To begin with, we will first provide you a basic understanding of the “Functions” topic from this section.

Out of the 6-8 questions which are expected from the Algebra section, you can easily expect the direct application of this topic in your CAT entrance. Hence, you must prepare this topic to attain wonderful percentile in the Quantitative Aptitude Section.

Function is an association or relation of two or more variables.

It is represented as:

Average Rate of Change using Function Notation

The plot of an even function is always symmetrical about the origin.

Sum or difference of any two odd functions is an odd function.

If the function doesn’t satisfy both the above condition it is a neither even nor odd function.

Logarithmic function:

Graphical Behavior of Functions

Local Extrema

  • A point where a function changes from increasing to decreasing is called a local maximum.
  • A point where a function changes from decreasing to increasing is called a local minimum.
  • Together, local maxima and minima are called the local extrema, or local extreme values, of the function.

Behaviors of the Functions

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We hope that these concepts along with their related exercise will aid you in your preparation of Functions chapter.

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