Mechanical Engineering – Career Prospects

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most popular sub-domains of engineering field. The impact of this field has been so much that during last decade engineering degree had become synonyms with mechanical engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Career Prospects
Mechanical Engineering Career Prospects

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most popular sub-domains of engineering field. The impact of this field has been so much that during last decade engineering degree had become synonyms with mechanical engineering. The main reason behind the immense popularity of Mechanical Engineering degree is its scope which affects almost all the aspects of our modern day life. The majority of modern day machines and systems that we employ to make our lives simpler are the creation of mechanical engineering. However, despite the common understanding of Mechanical Engineering being limited to automobiles and machines; the scope of this field is gigantic covering fields like machine design, manufacturing, energy conversion, aerospace systems and fluid mechanics. Apart from being an excellent topic of study, Mechanical Engineering is also an amazing career choice offering exceptional employment opportunities.

Scope of Mechanical Engineering

Technically speaking, Mechanical Engineering deals with the study, analysis, designing, construction and maintenance of mechanical systems to manage objects in motion to bring about desired results. In simpler words, Mechanical Engineering is a field that studies the application of laws and principles of Physics to analyze, design, manufacture, and maintain the mechanical systems that make our lives better, simpler and more comfortable.

Despite being one of the oldest disciplines of engineering; Mechanical Engineering is an evolutionary field that is constantly budding in line with the development of technology. Therefore, it is not right to limit the scope of this field to such narrow understanding. Today, mechanical engineering also covers a lot of new and innovative topics like robotics, nanotechnology and biomechanics that are yet in their nascent stage.

Broadly, Mechanical Engineering includes the following important topics:

  • Mechatronics & Robotics
  • Automatic controls
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Diagnostic maintenance and monitoring
  • Structural Analysis
  • Machine element design
  • Plant equipment design
  • Design for noise
  • Advanced mechanical design
  • Kinematics and dynamics of machines
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Advanced theory of vibrations
  • Machine tool design
  • Fundamentals of Tribology
  • Vibration engineering
  • Thermodynamics & Thermo-sciences
  • Vibration and harshness
  • Mechanics
  • Experimental modal analysis and dynamic design
  • Design & drafting
  • Noise engineering
  • Noise engineering
  • Instrumentation

Eligibility for Mechanical Engineering Programmes

Students interested in taking up mechanical engineering can join any of the following academic programmes depending upon their aptitude and educational qualifications:

  • Diploma Courses: Many institutes offer short term diploma courses to students who have completed their Class 10th Board Exams. The diploma in mechanical engineering prepares students in basic concepts and practical aspects of the field.
  • Undergraduate Courses: Undergraduate level academic programmes in Mechanical Engineering are offered by various technical institutes across India including the top ranked IITs and NITs. B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering is offered to students after completion of their Class 12th / 10+2 exam with physics and mathematics as their core subjects. Being a very engineering course, admission to B.E Mechanical Engineering is offered through entrance tests like JEE Mains / JEE Advanced and BITSAT.
  • Postgraduate Courses: Students interested in pursuing further studies can do so by joining M.Tech / M.E in Mechanical Engineering. M.Tech in Mechanical engineering is a necessary qualification to be considered for senior level positions in public and private sector tech companies. Generally, admissions to M.Tech are granted on the basis of GATE examination.

For higher studies, students can also look for research and doctorate level programmes/ PhD offered by premium institutes like IITs and NITs. Students can also look for 5-year integrated M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering offered by some institutes.

Career Prospects for Mechanical Engineers

Being a subject that affects almost all the aspects of modern day life, Mechanical Engineering offers excellent career prospects to students. Mechanical Engineers are one of the most sought after professionals in different public and private sector organizations. Mechanical engineers are involved in research, development, designing, testing, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical devices in different industries. Mechanical engineering graduates can be hired at the position of junior engineers after clearing their diploma courses to undertake basic maintenance tasks, to superintendent engineering who look after large-scale mechanical processes.

As far as employment is concerned, Mechanical Engineers can find lucrative job opportunities in different sectors like:

  • Automobiles industry
  • Steel plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Oil exploration and refining industries
  • Space research organization
  • Electronics industry
  • Technical wings of armed forces

Pay Package offered to Mechanical Engineers

In terms of salary offered, Mechanical Engineers attract highest pay-cheques compared to other counterparts from traditional engineering backgrounds. Pay packages being offered to mechanical engineers has seen a positive trend, due to lack of qualified engineers and increasing job opportunities in this sector. Private sector enterprises have been better paymasters for mechanical engineers, compared to public entities.

Mechanical Engineering graduates are offered Rs. 10, 000 – Rs. 15, 000 per month as starting salary for entry level positions. The remuneration increases significantly with work experience, higher academic qualifications and skills. Mechanical engineering students from premium institutes like IITs and NITs are offered handsome packages ranging around 7 to 10 Lakhs per annum, owing to their academic excellence and skill set.

Top Mechanical Engineering Institutes

Despite being a traditional domain of engineering, Mechanical Engineering is one of the most sought after course even today. The recent IT boom and software revolution, which has affected the majority of other engineering fields has had very limited impact on this subject. This can be attributed to the evolutionary nature of Mechanical Engineering that develops and enhances with the rise of new technology. In line with this, several new and old institutes have also started offering innovative specialization options to Mechanical Engineering students.

Currently, the following institutes are considered to be the best when it comes to both undergraduate as well as postgraduate level Mechanical Engineering courses:

  • All IITs – different locations
  • All NITs – different locations
  • Birla institute of Technology,
  • College of Engineering and Technology (Anna University)
  • Delhi Technological University, Delhi
  • PEC, University of Technology Chandigarh
  • College of Engineering, Pune

How to Start a Career in Mechanical Engineering

How to Start a career in Computer Engineering

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