Money invested in cricket is hampering development of other sports

Money invested in cricket is hampering development of other sports. To some extent its true but is it the main reason for other sports to be lagging behind. It's a very important topic for group discussions in MBA entrance exams also. Read and find all the aspects of the topic.

Cricket is huge and is considered to be the most dominant sport over the rest in India. In our nation, people go insane for cricket. Cricket is considered to be a religion here and this statement in itself signifies the fact that how important cricket has become to everyone’s life today!

Now-a-days there are many formats of the game and the most popular of them is the limited overs 20-20 cricket witnessing IPL, CLT-20, T-20 world cup and not to forget even the 50 overs O.D.I’s and the test matches. Government today is investing a lot of money on this particular game of cricket because of it’s ever-increasing demand and popularity. But is it feasible to spend a lot on one game and neglect the other sports? This is the biggest question.


• Cricketers are paid heavily.

• Almost all the big brands of all the popular industry and sectors promote, sponsor and finance the cricketing events.

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• IPL has become the most revolutionized of all, making it even more costly by bringing the features like: international cricketers merged, team and player auctioning, cheer-leaders, multiple locations, Actors and actresses getting involved, their branding etc.

And for all of these prospects there is a huge sum of money required which of course is funded by Government and various private financial institutions in lieu of profits in returns. This calls for an alarming thought if it is feasible to spend such amount on a single sport or not. Nevertheless, this comes with the following impacts:

If we take the heavy investment on cricket as a hampering tool for development of other sports we come across certain points like:

1) Popularity: Due to more investments, cricket gets a lot of limelight that ultimately makes it popular. As a result, this hampers other games and sports a lot.

2) Choice of recreation: People prefer to watch, love and worship cricket as a sport over other sports.

3) Other sports: The ministry’s department that looks after the sports and games also focuses more on cricket due to it’s increased popularity and the other sports are taken for granted.

4) Heavy monetary compensation: Cricket attracts loads of youngsters as a profession in sports because now-a-days they get paid heavily. So, if youngsters themselves run behind the money in cricket other sports will then obviously get adversely affected.

On the contrary, if we see at the other side of the topic it is just the matter of the essence of sports that makes it popular and cricket being on the top of them.

1) Budget allocation: Cricket is the most famous and popular sport in our nation today. The ministry gets a fixed amount of budget and seeing the popularity and demand of the game it invests a major portion of budget in cricket to account for the productive and beneficiary use of money.

2) Sponsorship: The companies, the big brands would but obviously look for those options in which they can invest money or adhere to yield more profits. But if no money is spent on other sports then they will never thrive.

3) Other sports: The condition of other sports is not so good that doesn’t mean that Government is not funding them or not investing them. It’s just a matter of choice and taste of people and players. If a young guy wants to become a cricketer and not footballer no one can do anything in this context and this neither accounts for fading popularity of football either.

Hence, we can, in one way or the other, not deny the fact that huge sum of money is invested on cricket and it is hampering the growth of other sports as well but not totally. Other sports also need to be promoted and taken on a serious note by the respective players and people. All that matters is interest and discipline towards a sport to make it popular and perpetuate growth in it and investments would automatically flourish.

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