NDA Exam I 2016: Sample Question Set 4- Science

Dear Aspirants, we are providing the set of 10 multiple choice question (MCQ) based on the Science, which comes under the General Ability paper. It will be helpful to understand the pattern of Science questions which can be asked in the coming NDA Exam I 2016.

Created On: Mar 28, 2016 11:46 IST

NDA Exam I 2016 – 17th April 2016

1. Which of the following is a conductor of electricity?
A. Silver
B. Copper
C. Alluminium
D. All the above.
Ans: D

2. What should be present in a substance to make it a conductor of electricity?
A. Strongly held electrons
B. Strongly held protons
C. Free electrons
D. Free protons
Ans: C

3. Which instrument is used to measure potential difference?
A. Galvanometer
B. Magnetometer
C. Voltmeter
D. Ammeter
Ans: B

4. Rheostat is the other name of:
A. Fixed resistance
B. Variable resistance
C. Insulator
D. Conductor
Ans: B

5. The law which gives relationship between current and potential difference is called:
A. Ohm’s law
B. Ampere’s law
C. Biot-Savart law
D. Coulomb’s law
Ans: A

6. Semi-conductors are used for making:
A. Solar cells
B. Toasters
C. Geysers
D. Room heaters
Ans: A

7. Coke is a better fuel than coal because it:
A. Produces less heat
B. Leaves residue after burning
C. Doesn’t cause air pollution
D. Can’t be used as domestic fuel
Ans: C

8. Which of the following countries have wind energy farm?
A. Germany
B. Denmark
C. India
D. All of the above
Ans: D

9. Which of the following are non-renewable sources of energy?
A. Uranium
B. Coal
C. Natural gas
D. All of the above
Ans: D

10. Who discovered the magnetic field of current?
A. William Gilbert
B. Hans Christian Oersted
C. Benjamin Franklin
D. Charles Augustin de Coulomb
Ans: B

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