NDA Exam I 2016: Sample Question Set 5- History

Dear Aspirants, we are providing the set of 10 multiple choice question (MCQ) based on the History of India, which comes under the General Ability paper. It will be helpful to understand the pattern of History question which can be asked in the coming NDA Exam I 2016.

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NDA Exam I 2016 – 17th April 2016

1.Which of the following are the paths chosen by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa towards salvation
A.Gyana marg
B.Belief in one single god monotheism
C.Vedas and Upanishads are the only way to salvation
D.Renunciation, meditation and devotion
Ans- d

2.Who among the following is the great disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and helped in spreading the message that there are many roads to god and salvation and service of god for man was embodiment of god?
A.Raja Rammohan Roy
B.Swami Vivekananda
C.Swami Dayananda Saraswati
D.Annie Besant
Ans- B

3.Which of the following ideas propagated through Ramakrishna Mission?
I.Social and religious reform
II.Women education
III.Doctrine of service
IV.Service of jiva and worship of Shiva
A.Both I and II
B.II, III and IV
C.III and IV
D.I, III and IV
Ans – D

4.Which of the following reasons can be attributed to the success of Ramakrishna mission?
A.Focused mainly on teachings of Upanishads and Vedas
B.Popularized the saying” for our own motherland a junction of both Hinduism and Islam is necessary”
C.Though a religious body never considered itself as a sect of Hinduism
D.Worked for upliftment of depressed classes.
Ans – C

5.Swami Vivekananda’s contribution to society and educating masses is through following ways:
I.Condemned caste system and current rituals and superstitions
II.Criticized for having lost touch with rest of world and for becoming stagnant and mummified
III.Subscribed to Vedanta which he considered fully rational system
Options are-
A.Only I
B.Only II
C.Only III
D.All the above
Ans- D

6.Raja Rammohan Roy and Brahma Samaj which of the following statements regarding Raja Rammohan Roy are correct?
I.Considered as father of Indian renaissance
II.Started Brahmo Samaj
III.Set up Atmiya Sabha in Calcutta
IV.Translated Vedas and five Upanishads to Bengali language
Options are-
A.Only II and III
C.I, II and IV
D.All of the above
Ans – D

7.The main purpose of Brahmo Samaj for which it was set up are-
A.Purify Hinduism and to preach monotheism
B.Criticize social evils, oppose idolatry and emphasize human dignity
C.Both A and B
D.None of the above
Ans- C

8.The following are the legislative contributions of Raja Rammohan Roy
A.Abolition of sati
B.Indianisation of superior services
C.Reduction of export duties on Indian goods
D.Abolition of east India company’s trading rights
Ans – A

9.Raja Rammohan Roy’s contribution to education are:
I.Assisted David Hare in setting Hindu college
II.English school at Calcutta was maintained at his own cost
III.Established Vedanta College which taught only western social and physical sciences
Options are-
A.Only III
B.Both II and III
C.Only I and II
D.All the above
Ans – C

10.Which of the following is considered as the main reason for division of Brahmo Samaj ?
A.Resolutely opposing Christian missionaries and their work against Hinduism
B.Internal conflicts among Debendranath Tagore and Keshub Chandra Sen for including teachings of all religions
C.Lack of strong propagator of views
D.Opposition by people for disturbing traditional caste practices like abolition of sati, widow remarriage and women education.
Ans- B

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