Sanskriti University becomes an ideal placement hub for multinational companies

Sanskriti University, situated in the city of Mathura has gained a lot of appreciation and accolades in recent times due to its quality education and modern training methods.

Sanskriti University
Sanskriti University

Sanskriti University, situated in the city of Mathura has gained a lot of appreciation and accolades in recent times due to its quality education and modern training methods. The University not only focuses on the academic learning but also lays strong emphasis on practical trainings for the overall development of students. Updated course curriculum as per industry needs coupled with the experienced faculty members is what makes this University stand out from the others. These stand-out factors have grabbed the eyeballs of multinational companies as they have started showing interest in hiring the students of Sanskriti University in professional roles within their organizations. Many Bluechip companies have already started recruiting Sanskriti University students at exceptional packages, seeing their potential, leadership qualities and skills.

With the new academic session yet to start, multinational companies have already made their intent clear to hire the students of the University. Top companies are ready to pay good starting salary packages ranging from Rs. 5 Lakh to Rs. 8 Lakh per annum to the students of Sanskriti University seeing their exceptional technical skills and overall performance. In the last academic session, almost every student with technical studies background got placed in top companies at lucrative salary packages. Some of those companies were Kotak Mahindra, Hero Motor Corp, Gabriel India Limited, ICICI Bank and BACS Hitech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Sachin Gupta, the Hon’ble Chancellor of Sanskriti University said that the University works as per the prevailing needs of the industry and incorporates modern techniques and teaching methods in the curriculum to enable student become proficient and skilful in the field of technology. Most importantly, the University promotes practical training and as part of it, the University encourages and sends students on educational tours and trainings where they can closely work and analyze the functioning of multinational companies on real-time basis. It is due to this reason that students of Sanskriti University are able to face market challenges more efficiently as compared to students from other tech schools.

Shri Gupta of Sanskriti University said that the work done in the field of technical education is taken into account while drafting effective polices of the University. This helps in ensuring that the technical education imparted at Sanskriti is future ready for at least next 20 years. The University also has provision for skill development departments, modern technical labs, and robotic education for the students.

Rajesh Gupta, the Hon’ble Pro-Chancellor of the University said that the need for technical human resources and its fulfilment is also in adherence with the vision of the Sanskriti University and respective professional agencies. The University firmly believes in working with the present day needs of the industry and keeps on updating facilities and curriculum accordingly. He also added that the future of the country majorly depends on technical education and this is the reason that Sanskriti University is making every effort to make the younger generation of students lead from the front in the technical field.

Dr. Rana Singh, the Vice Chancellor of the University, said that all efforts are made and implemented to make sure that students of Sanskriti University are properly nurtured for career growth and development. The University helps in building the creative skills along-with the technical skills among the students who can then face the market and land in good jobs at lucrative salary packages. The mission of this University is to train every student and nurture their creative and technical talent quotient. R.K. Sharma, Head of Corporate Relations of Sanskriti University officially conveyed that students of the University were already placed in top companies before completing their technical education.
It is to note that The Centre of Excellence, driven by the joint efforts of MSME and Sanskriti University, is encouraging students towards self-employment.

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