Solved CAT 2002 Question Paper: Quantitative Aptitude

Prepare well with the fully solved Quantitative Aptitude section from Common Admission test (CAT) 2002 question paper available here. It has 50 questions in total. CAT is taken as a very high level examination.

Solved CAT 2002 Question Paper Quantitative Aptitude
Solved CAT 2002 Question Paper Quantitative Aptitude

Common Admission test is conducted by IIMs every year and over 3 lakhs aspirants sit for it. It is the most sought after entrance examination for MBA Admissions. Find here the Solved Quantitative Aptitude section from CAT 2002 Paper. Quantitative Aptitude can be the most scoring if you are conceptually clear. Here you will get 50 questions on the section which you can practice and see how well you know the subject.

3. It takes 6 technicians a total of 10 hours to build a new server from Direct Computer, with each working at the same rate. If six technicians start to build the server at 11:00 AM, and one technician per hour is added beginning at 5:00 PM, at what time will the server be complete?

1) 6:40 pm
2) 7:00 pm
3) 7:20 pm
4) 8:00 pm

Answer: 4

4. Davji Shop sells samosas in boxes of different sizes. The samosas are prices at Rs. 2 per samosa up to 200 samosas. For every additional 20 samosas, the price of the whole lot goes down by 10 paise per samosa. What should be the maximum size of the box that would maximize the revenue?

1) 240
2) 300
3) 400
4) none of these

Answer: 3

5. 3 small pumps and a large pump are filling a tank. Each of the three small pumps work at 2/3rd the rate of the large pump. If all 4 pumps work at the same time, they should fill the tank in what fraction of the time that it would have taken the large pump alone?

1) 4/7
2) 1/3
3) 2/3
4) 3/4

Answer: 2

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