Solved NMAT 2007 Question Paper: Logical Reasoning

NMAT 2013 is to be conducted on December 19, 2012. Find here the solved NMAT 2007 paper on Logical Reasoning. This will help in getting a fair idea of the type and pattern of questions asked in Logical Reasoning section of NMAT.

Solved NMAT 2007 Question Paper Logical Reasoning
Solved NMAT 2007 Question Paper Logical Reasoning

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Narsee Monjee Institute of Management is a very old and prestigious MBA Institute. It conducts its own MBA Entrance Test called NMAT every year for admissions in MBA Courses. NMAT 2013 is scheduled for December 19 2012 . You can find here the solved question paper of the Logical Reasoning section of NMAT conducted in the year 2007. Practice with this and know how prepared you are for the section.

Directions for question 1-4: In each question given below is a statement of two assumptions numbered I and II.

An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions  and decide which of the assumptions is/are implicit in the statement.
(A) if assumptions I is implicit,
(B) if assumptions II is implicit,
(C) if neither I or II is implicite, and 
(D) if both I or II are implicit

1.  Statement : Of all the newspaper published in Mumbai, readership of the “Times” is the largest in the Metropolis.
Assumptions : (I) Times is not popular in monfussil areas
(II) Times has the popular feature of cartoons on burning social and political issues.

Answer: C

2.  Statement : If any time you have financial difficulty, come to me : I will help you out.
Assumptions : (I) You have financial difficulties
(II) I promise to provide you financial help

Answer: B

3. Statement : The entire north India, including Delhi and the neighbouring states remained ‘Powerless’ the whole day of 19th December 97 as the northem grid supplying electricity to the seven states collapsed earlier
Assumptions : (I) The northem grid system of provided electricity to a group of states is an ineffective type of power supply system.

Answer: A

4. Statement : Among all the articeles, the prices of personal computers show the highest decline from June 1998.
Assumptions : (I) Comparative prices of all articles in June and December 1997 were available in January 1998.
(II) Prices of persnol computer were higher in the first six month than in the last six month of 1997.

Answer: D

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