Solved Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) General Awareness 2011 Paper

Find here the solved General Awareness section from SNAP paper conducted in the year 2011. This section consists of 40 questions of varied topics in General Awareness.

Aug 8, 2018 13:01 IST
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Solved Symbiosis National Aptitude Test SNAP General Awareness 2011 Paper
Solved Symbiosis National Aptitude Test SNAP General Awareness 2011 Paper

Symbiosis Institute conducts Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) every year for admissions in MBA and PGDM Courses of various institutes under Symbiosis University. Find here the solved General Awareness section paper from SNAP conducted in 2011. This section had 40 questions in it

1. “Swayamsidha” is a scheme launched by the Government of India to help
1) School Children only
2) Health workers only
3) Senior citizen without any regular income
4) Women only

Answer: 4

2. What is ‘Share swap’?
A. A business takeover in which acquiring company uses its own stock to pay for the acquired company.
B. When a company uses its own share to get some short term loan for working capital requirement
C. When companies are require to float a new issue to earn capital for their expansion programmes, each share holder gets some additional preferential share. The process is known as Share Swap.
1) Only A
2) Only A and B
3) Only C
4) None of the above

Answer: 1

3. Regarding “carbon credits” which of the following statements is not correct?
1) The carbon credits system was ratified in conjunction with Kyoto Protocol
2) Carbon credits are awarded to those countries or groups who have reduced the green house gases below their emission quota
3) The goal of carbon credit system is to reduce carbon dioxide emission
4) Carbon credits are traded at a price fixed from time to time by the United Environment Programme

Answer: 4

4. Both Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and foreign Institutional Investor (FII) are related to investment in a country. Which one of the following statements best represents an important difference between the two?
1) FII helps bring better management skills and technology while FDI only bring capital
2) FII helps in increasing capital availability in general, while FDI only targets specific sectors
3) FDI flows only into secondary markets while FII targets primary markets
4) FII is considered to be more stable than FDI

Answer: 2

5. In context of global oil prices, “Brent crude oil” is frequently referred to in the news. What does this term imply?
1) It is a major classification of crude oil
2) It is sourced from North sea
3) It does not contain sulphur
Which of the statement given above this is/are correct?
1) 2 only
2) 1 and 2 only
3) 1 and 3 only
4) 1, 2 and 3

Answer: 2

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