Some important points to be remembered for calendar and clock questions

In this article, you will get some important tips and tricks which should be remembered before attempting questions of clock and calendar reasoning section. Let us go ahead-

SSC Clock and calendar tips
SSC Clock and calendar tips

The experts of have come forward to help the aspirants in attempting all the questions speedily with basic preparatory strategy. By providing basic concepts, we are trying to make the calculation faster than doing from long and traditional ones. Here we, come up with Some Important Point to be remembered about Calendar and Clock Questions in Reasoning Section.

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Important Points about Calendar

  • A year divisible by 4 is a leap year
  • In case of century, leap year is that which is divisible by 400
  • There are 365 days in an ordinary year, so there are 52 weeks+1 day. Hence, an ordinary year contain 1 odd day.
  • There are 366 days in a leap year. Hence a leap year contain 2 odd days.
  • There are 28 days in February in an ordinary year while in leap year there are 29 days in February.
  • There are 28 days in February in an ordinary year while in a leap year there are 29 days in February.
  • The day of week on 1st Jan 1 AD is Monday
  • After 11 years the calendar is repeated

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Important Points about Clock

  • The minute hand is also called, the long hand while hour hand is known as short hand.
  • In every one hour, the minute hand gains 55 minutes on the hour hand
  • The hands are in the same straight-line when they are opposite to each other or coincident
  • In every hours hands coincide once
  • The hands coincides 11 times in every 12 hours
  • The minute hand moves 360in 1 hour while hour moves 30 in 1 hour

Example 1: Sita remembers that her brother Anuj’s birthday was after 15th but before 20thSeptember, while her mother remembers that Anuj’s birthday was after 17th but before 19thSeptember. On which date of September was Anuj’s birthday.

Solution: According to Sita:

According to her mother:


According to both common days is 18th.

Hence, Anuj's birth was on 18th September.

Example 2: If 22nd August is Sunday, What day was on 22 days before?

Solution: Difference of No. of days = 22

No. of odd days = 1

[Because 22/7 = 3 + 1]

1 day before Sunday is Saturday.

Hence, it will be Saturday before 22 days.


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