SSC English Preparation tips: Direct-Indirect Speech and Cloze test

As English language and comprehension is the part of the Banking and SSC Exams. So, it is necessary to understand the various sub topics to gain good marks. This article is before you, to assist you while you’re preparing.

SSC English preparation tips
SSC English preparation tips

In any competitive examination, questions from english language are compulsorily asked. If you are good at solving them, half of your battle is already won. It becomes even more important for Bank and SSC exams because a good number of questions are asked from this section. You can outsmart others in this section because it is a section in which most of the candidates are scared. Direct / Indirect Speech and Cloze Test are two common types of question that are asked in examinations including SSC & others.  These play a major role in deciding the fate of candidates in the exam. Hence, it is very important to understand the importance of these questions and prepare accordingly.

Direct / Indirect Speech: How to Master it?

Basically, Direct / Indirect Speech questions are all about changing the narration of sentences. You will be given a sentence in one speech and you are asked to change it in another speech. The basic difference is that one part of the direct speech will be without the quotation marks ("") while the other part will have the double quote marks (""). finally, question arises that how to prepare for it?

  • Get the basics right: It is grammar and grammar is always about rules. So, if you want to grasp it, you need to understand the rules and application of those rules in sentences.
  • Practice hard: Practice makes a man perfect and This is not a different case. The more you practice, the more you become confident about that type of questions.
  • Remember the exceptions: In competitive examinations, questions are asked to test your english knowledge on the exceptional rules of a particular chapter. So, get used to those rules and understand them properly. You will face questions based on those rules instead of the common rules.

SSC English preparation tips and tricks: Sentence Completion

  • Understand instead of memorizing: English Grammar is very logical though it looks vast and large. You can master it if you understand the rules and semantics properly instead of trying to memorize them. Therefore, rather than mugging up, just understand it fairly and it will stay with you forever.
  • Proper applications of rules: In the examination, you have to apply the rules. Hence, go through the examples describing the rules because it will help you in understanding the application of the rules in sentences or english comprehension.

Cloze Test: How will you master it?

Cloze test questions are very common in every competitive examination. If you are good at it, you can add 5 marks or higher marks handsomely in your score, which can take you higher in the merit list so that you get selected for the coveted job you are sitting for. Many aspirants think that it is very difficult to attempt cloze test questions but actually it is not if you follow certain strategies. Few of them are given below-

SSC English preparation tips: One word Substitution

  • Increase your vocabulary: The most important thing to attempt cloze test questions is to understand the application of words in a context and for that, the only way is to increase your vocabulary by going through the daily newspaper or English books.
  • Understand the Application of words: You need to understand the various applications of a particular word as you have to place them in a context in the cloze test questions. So, whenever you come across a new word, try to get to the root of it and understand the various applications of the same.
  • Practice: This is a common remedy for any question since the more you practice, the more you get acquainted with the nuances of something.
  • Go through the English Passages: This will help you understand the importance of contextual use of words, since you have to do the same in case of cloze test questions. Inculcate the habit of reading the English passages and understand the contextual usages of a word.
  • Get the gist of the passage given: This helps in guessing the right answer because once you understand the summary of the passage; you can place words accordingly in the blanks. Try to get the sense of the passage correct and you can get the answers correct.

SSC English Preparation Tips: Spotting Errors

Narration change questions and cloze test questions are a game changer in English section since they carry significant weightage and if you can score well in these questions, your chances of selection go up. English section does not require much time to prepare and does not take much time to attempt as well compared to maths and reasoning sections. Hence if  Direct/Indirect speeches are your weak areas, follow the above stated strategies properly and see the transformation in your knowledge.

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