Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production (Part 2)

The high nutritive value which is found in honey is an important aspect that we used it as food and in the various medicines too. Honeybee also produces beeswax, which finds many uses in industry, such as in the preparation of cosmetics and polishes of various kinds.

Jan 16, 2013 13:40 IST
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Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production (Part 2)
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production (Part 2)

What apiculture or bee keeping? What is honey and its importance? What are the important points for bee keeping? What is bee wax and bee venom? What are fisheries? Define the term fin fishery, shell fishery. What is blue revolution? To know these terms in explained way as per the NCERT BOOK, please go through video

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Every year millions of tones of crop we loss because of various infection by bacteria and fungus so it is very important to use the new technologies for the protection of crops and to increase the yields too. Plant breeding is a such types of technique used by farmers .Before breeding is undertaken, it is important to know about the causative organism and the mode of transmission. Some of the diseases caused by fungi are rusts, e.g., brown rust of wheat, red rot of sugarcane and late blight of potato; by bacteria – black rot of crucifers; and by viruses – tobacco mosaic, turnip mosaic, etc.

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