Tips for conducting an effective mock interview

Nervous about that upcoming placement interviews in college? Follow these simple steps to conduct effective mock interviews to nail the one for your dream job.

Created On: Nov 15, 2019 18:04 IST
Tips for conducting an effective mock interview
Tips for conducting an effective mock interview

As the placement season nears you can easily spot a number of anxious and nervous faces strolling all around your college campuses. For most students it is their first formal interview. Their hopes are quite high and the fear of rejection too. Who doesn't want to get into their dream company? But, not everyone makes it. And lot of them don't make it because they mess up with their interviews.

No matter how good a student you are academically, if you fail to impress your interviewer in your face to face interaction, you lose your chance at the job. Hence, it is imperative that before going for the real deal job interview a student practices a heavy lot with mock interviews. You need to be comfortable and confidant when appearing for your interview. Also, you need to practice your answers, body language and also your looks. After all, mock interviews are meant to help you identify your mistakes and correct them well in time. But, there are some important points that need to observed when conducting a mock interview so that the students get the best out of it. Some of them are as discussed below-

Get into character

The first and the foremost thing when conducting a mock interview is to get into character and this applies to both you and the person acting as your interviewer. Try to stimulate the real interview as closely as possible like from the setting of the room to how you will enter and proceed with your introduction.

Find an objective interviewer

This is as important as getting into the character. The person acting as your interviewer should be objective. It's best you leave out your family member or close friends out of this role. You need someone who is acquainted with your personality but not that attached to you so they can be straight and forthcoming about your mistakes. College professors or mentors can act as perfect mock interviewers. Moreover, they would be more comfortable with the role and also aware of the process . They can help you prepare much better than your family members or friends.

Types of Questions

Once you have found an objective interviewer, the next step is to get acquainted to the type of questions that would be asked in the real interview. You must sit down with your professor or anyone else who is acting as your mock interviewer and prepare a set of possible questions. Make a mix of structured, unstructured and situational questions that could be possibly asked. You could look up for a set of sample questionnaires online. Once you have the questionnaire sorted practice your answers. Try to convey as much information as you can but also try to be concise at the same time.            

Dress Professionally

Always remember mock interviews are meant to prepare you for the real deals. And they must be carried out as closely to the real ones as possible, that includes even dressing up in your best professional clothes. Now you may think you would look ridiculous all dressed up just for a mock interview but that is the part of your preparation. You need to make sure that you are comfortable in the set of clothes that you'd be wearing on the day of your interview. That the fit is right and it looks good on you.  

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Body Language

Having the right body language is as important as your clothes. Imagine, you enter the room looking all professional, dressed in formals from head to toe but your body language is not in tune with your looks. You'd end up making a joke of yourself. Maintaining the right body language is essential to any interview. No matter how nervous or anxious you might be feeling your looks should be calm, poised and confidant. Look up for information on positive body language tips on the internet and practice them during your mock interviews. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer and make sure that you speak clearly.

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Evaluation and Feedback

Lastly but not the least, have your interviewer give you an honest feedback about your performance. You need to have a clear understanding of where you went wrong or what areas need improvement. Get their opinions on everything from your responses to your body language, your attire and anything else they feel that needs improvement.

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Again as mentioned before this isn't a role for family members and close friends as it sometimes would get hard for them to be completely objective and straight-forward with your mistakes. They might even tend to overlook small mistakes that may prove to be crucial points of consideration in your real interviews. And now that you are all informed and aware of the methods for conducting an effective mock interview it's time you tried out one. As it's the case with many, after a few mock interviews you should feel a lot more confidant when appearing for your real interview. If you liked the article and would like to explore more about interview tips and job preparation tips for college students please visit, Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below.

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