Top 8 Course Options for Class 12th Commerce Students

To help students who have already appeared or are going to appear for the Class 12 Board Exams decide on the future course of action about their career, we have listed out top 10 academic courses available to them.

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Commerce has often been termed as a stream with limited scope and number of courses available for students to pursue. Well, first things first; despite its popularity, this statement remains a myth. Commerce remains one of the most popular and sought after study streams in the country and this is because of the vast scope and lucrative career opportunities it offers. Students often get influenced and start thinking that CA, CS, CFA and ICWA are the only options available to them after 12th Commerce. While these remain some of the most popular professional academic programmes available to Commerce students there are several other options available to them as well. To help students who have already appeared or are going to appear for the Class 12 Board Exams decide on the future course of action about their career, we have listed out top 8 academic courses available to them.

1. Bachelor of Commerce:

Bachelor in Commerce is the most popular undergraduate level degree course that Class 12 students can opt for. The B.Com programme is designed in a manner that it picks up concepts and principles covered in the Class 12 school curriculum and offers in-depth understanding about them to the students. Generally, the course of offered by all major universities and colleges across the country and is the default choice for Class 12 Commerce students. After completing, B.Com programme, students can either look for rewarding job opportunities. Alternatively, they can also opt for M.Com programme, which is a master degree programme in Commerce.

2. Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Bachelor in Economics is a generalist programme that is available to students from arts and commerce streams, who have completed their Class 12 Board exams. The programme has academic orientation and focuses upon theoretical aspects in the subject of Economics. A general undergraduate programme with specialization in Economics covers topics like Business Economics, Macro & Micro Economics, Industrial Economics, International Economics and Labour Economics. The course is ideal for students who are looking to pursue higher education in economics field through MA or doctorate level programmes. As far as job prospects go, students can opt for Indian Economics Service examination after completing this programme. They can also look for teaching positions in schools and colleges by clearing respective tests. Economic journalism is also a very big field that has seen expansion in recent times; BA Economics graduates can also become expert writers and journalists for popular newspaper or news channels.

3. Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics:

The one of the most popular academic programme available for Class 12th Commerce Students is the BA in Business Economics. The programme is aimed at developing the foundational understanding of business policies and economic principles among the students. The programme covers topics such as economics, statistics, business, finance, international trade, environmental economics, quantitative techniques and accounting. The course is ideal for students who are looking to build their career as business analysts and consultants in corporate houses, NGOs and research institutions. The course opens several doors in the field of economics, business management and administration for further studies.

4. Bachelor of Business Administration:

Management is one of the most lucrative and rewarding career options of our times. Commerce students who have completed their Class 12 exam can also look forward to building a prosperous career in this domain through BBA programmes. As the name clearly denotes, BBA is a business oriented programme that is developed with the aim of providing foundation level management education to students. BBA programme tries to inculcate the entrepreneurship skills in a student to help them emerge as potential business managers. Candidates can either opt for an MBA or a PGDM degree after completing this programme with specialization in fields like marketing, finance, human resource, operations, business strategy and others.

5. Bachelor in Accounting & Finance:

Commonly known as the BFA undergraduate programme, this course prepares the student to take up a career in finance and accounting domain. The programme covers subjects like auditing, business law, corporate law, cost accounting, taxation, business economics and several other topics on similar lines. The BFA programme is ideal for students who are looking to pursue their career in accountancy or want to get jobs in leading companies as a financial analyst or consultants. Students can also continue their higher education in this field by opting for a postgraduate level master degree programme.

6. Bachelor of Financial Markets:

Another niche course available for commerce students after they complete Class 12 Board exams is the BFM or Bachelor of Financial Markets. The course title is pretty self-explanatory and the programme focuses in debt and securities markets, equity market, micro-economics, investment banking, mutual funds, risk management and other associated subjects. Considering the expanding Indian economy and the prevalent fluctuations, any programme that offers you knowledge about financial markets should be considered as a great choice. In terms of job prospects, students have can have a bright future in venture capitalist firms, economic advisory firms and majorly any business that is registered on the stock markets. In the case of further studies as well, students can opt for certificate and diploma level courses offered by NSE or go for programmes like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

7. Bachelor in Banking & Insurance

Fondly called as BBI in commerce domain, the Bachelor in Banking & Insurance is a three-year undergraduate programme that 12th Class Commerce Students can opt for. Just like the BFA course, the BBI course also focuses on financial and accounting aspect but offers specialized training and knowledge related to the banking sector. This academic programme focuses on subjects like banking laws, finance, corporate laws, tax auditing, business laws, financial accounting and management. BBI is a targeted professionals course offered to commerce students planning to build their career in banking and insurance sector. For further studies, students can opt for M.Com or MBA with specialisation in this domain. Some students also opt for CFA programmes after completing BBI course.

8. Bachelor in Statistics

Also known as B.Stat among commerce students, this course is aimed at enhancing quantitative and mathematical ability of students. The programme generally covers subjects like actuarial science, permutations, combinations and others. B.Stat programme is ideal for students who are looking for a career purely in the field of statistics like business analysts, research officer, data analyst and investigator. Some students also choose to become teachers or professors of statistics after completing B.Stat programme. As far as further studies are concerned, students have the opportunity to join M.Stat programme offered by renowned institutes like Indian Institute of Statistics or join professionals programme in actuarial sciences.

While these are just a few of the top commerce programmes available to students after completing their Class 12 Commerce Board exams, there are several other general as well as specialist programmes that they can take up. In addition to this, commerce students interested in off-beat careers can look for journalism courses, law and other similar fields.

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